2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 4

editor’s notes rs You Spend with Yo ur Hou r Mi fo n ds by Melissa Powell MINI HOURS PROGRAM A fter the awe-inspiring experience of the World Show, I enjoy coming back to my cubby-hole office and review- ing the stories I experienced first hand and those that were shared by fellow horse en- thusiasts. One horse, in particular, caught the eye of several spectators. Still quick and agile at 27 years of age, this little gelding swept the field in both age divisions of Hunter and held his own in the other classes he was shown in as well. We couldn’t help but share the story of Fanfares Check My Label written by the proud owner, Kathy Howard. Tucked in here and there are other stories of individuals who aimed high and accom- plished their goals. Even more importantly, they touched the lives of others along the way. Each has its own plot, but the common element is the love of a Miniature, a subject near to all of our hearts. For me, watching winning horses and their proud owners never get old. Horse show competition is a drug for which there is no cure. The thrill and excitement of just watch- ing is real; whether it’s someone you know personally or a horse you raised or once owned. While accolades go to the showman and the winning horse, let’s remember how this all began. lt could have started as a de- cision, a whim, a vision or maybe even just a dream -to produce that one outstanding equine. To that end, I want to share this fit- ting tribute. Testament to a Horse Breeder by Carol Steppe “A trainer can go worldwide looking for horses to complete the show string. A breeder must create a show string at home. They must decide on each breeding, be there for each birth, worry about each cough, enjoy each great moment, endure each disappointment, and celebrate each victory. Breeders cannot just get another one; they have to make another one, wait a year to see what will 2 Miniature Horse World WINTER 2017 happen, try to accomplish greatness year after year after year, learn patience, learn bloodlines, learn crosses, learn to stick with their gut and vision, and learn to persevere. We also know that in life, there is no greater reward than walking into a stable and knowing that each stall contains a unique example of your work, and hopes, and dreams. And to make it all perfect, they love you back and nicker when they hear your voice. This is the life of a breeder.” Merry Christmas to each of you and may your New Year be a happy one, GET STARTED logging your MINI HOURS today! See your AMHA horse featured in the Miniature Horse World and win some great prizes along the way! Application to sign up and tracking forms are online at www.amha.org