2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 34

M emorie 0 s - at WORLD 1-  ot a single horse N presented to World Show Veterinarian, Doc Howell, with a respiratory situation this year. (According to his stats this was the first time, ever. WOOHOO!)  One lucky lady went home with a new horse in her trailer! Billie Joe Debross was elated to have won the Youth Fundraiser Raffle, a show gelding DVM Pasos Calypso Blue donated by Nicole Pearsal, Diva Valley Miniatures. D uring the World Show and in the weeks following, hundreds of images flooded social media with happy grins, beautiful ribbons and trophies. The nine day show was filled with special moments making this AMHA’s most memorable show on so many levels. 2-  Can someone win both Grand and Reserve in the same class? You can if you are Rebecca Kachuriak. Brooke Glosser showed Texas Angels Grands Pretty Awesome to a Reserve win in the Versatility class against 12 other entries. Then unbelievably, the gelding Rebecca showed, Alliance Taittinger, was called as Champion, an event that no doubt became one of her favorite show moments ever! 3-  Therapy horses from Mini Hooves of Love were on hand at this year’s World show, doing what they do best…bringing smiles to everyone they meet. 6-  of the 22 GRAND Champion horses named at this year’s World were sired by First Knights Billy Idol. Runner up was SMO Bolero De Suerte who sired 5 World GRAND horses. 32 Miniature Horse World WINTER 2017 7-  were in the Gamblers Choice Class that allowed International guests to show and experience the thrill of exhibiting at Worlds. Countries represented were Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Netherlands.