2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 31

for and play with Miniature horses while developing important social skills and basic job skills. Youth Marci Stucki led Checkers to several more World titles. During his semi- retirement, Checkers became part of Michael’s Place, a non-profit organization, giving developmentally challenged young adults the opportunity to care In 2017, two new little girls came into Checkers’ life. One is seven-year-old, Megyn Hall, granddaughter of Sheryl Peterson, Oak Bay Acres. As both Megyn and her horse were new to showing, Megyn needed a well-seasoned horse to teach her how to do the hunter and halter obstacle classes. Checkers’ second little girl is 16-year [ [H[]ܘ[]Y\وX]\\ [][HZ[X]\\[X\[H[][[]\[ۜ[H[\[\؜XH[؜XH][˜\\ˈY[H[وX\&\[ZK\]\[Y[[H[X[H[]HYHو [\x&\X^HX[XYH\]\H MSRHܛ[][H[YY[[H[]]\[ۜˈ]\X\YYۙH[ܙHܛ[\[ۈ[ܛ\\H[\[ۈ]\H]H[H[[XH][[[X\[Hݙ\H[ˈ\™X\\H[^\ܝ\[\ܛ\]]\]][ۋ[\x&\X^HX[\HX\وHYH[\[ۈBYY[[›ٙX\&H[[’[\ܛH[BL[[\\\HH\ܛ[\[ۋHH M“Z[X]\HܜHܛ BX\۝[YYœ]SRH\ݙY[H\\Y[ۘ[[Hܛ[\[ۜ\ ^[[š[H[\\\[\؜XH\\[؜XH][\\˜[[][[]\[ۜˈX\HXKB\\\Y]X\[YY]\[[ܙHܛ[\[ۈ[ܛ\\H[\[ۈ]\š\Xܙ [  X\[[[ZKB]\[Y[Y\X\Bܙ]]وH[]]\[ۋ