2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 20

2017 “A” Award Winners John and Linda Whitt, JSW Farm of West Liberty, Kentucky By Joe Kahre I t is a beautiful thing when you come across people in your world that are excellent, upstanding examples of just simply how things should be and how things are to be done. It is no act, it is no front. It is just their way of life, their standards, their ethics, their heart and soul. This year’s recipients of the A Award for lifetime achievement and contributions to AMHA, Mr. and Mrs. John Whitt, fit right into this strata of excellence. I have observed over and over again their expression of humility. How pleasant it is to see someone loose carrying the same dignity as when they win in the show ring. They have humbly accepted many rewards for their hard work and breeding program. Never have I heard the words, “I’m never coming back again” in the times of defeat, or any complaints about the judging of a show. They quietly accept what has been dealt to them. Like any of us, they may not always be happy about it, but they keep it to themselves without any high drama. You can bet they will come back all the stronger for it. Their exceptionally dedicated and proficient support staff is also an example of excellence. It tells much about the standards, ethics and expectations on them and their devotion in return. They have made their support staff be a part of “them” a part of their successes, a part of their lives. Their boys respond with a very positive outpouring setting yet another example for all of us. Nixons Hill Farms Time and time again, year after year there has been quiet financial support offered to our association with no expectation or desire for bravado or grandeur. Just simply an attitude of “we are involved, we want to see success and here is something we can do to help the association that we are dedicated to.” For many years the youth program has benefited greatly from this display of generosity. Never mind the constant involvement in the futurity program, support of our Miniature Horse World Magazine and countless efforts on the local front. They are always there to reach out a hand to help newcomers with a smile, suggestions, kindness. They are always in for a good laugh, a good story, a fun sharing of an antidote to days gone by. There is ALWAYS an empty spot at their table or setup for absolutely anyone to sit down and talk awhile. There is always a full cooler of soft drinks for anyone’s partaking. Mind you the cooler is mostly full of diet Mountain Dew, but there are plenty of other options in there as well. Of course, the conversations are not always about horses, or the association, and certainly not gossip. Conversations range widely from what is going on in life, genetics, farming, cattle, family, etc. (oh, and maybe some politics occasionally). Their welcome mat is always out! They have raised one young man up to be an outstanding asset with love and devotion to Miniature horses that matched their dedication and mission of excellence. The third generation of the Whitt family, a grandson, is now working his way through the ranks, making the family proud with his willingness to learn and successes. You can’t help but sit back and smile as you watch this unfold. proudly raising AMHA horses in Southwestern Ontario, Canada e Come see m it s when you vi t the grea ! white north Jim and Gene Baynham 43007 Huron Rd, Seaforth, Ontario Canada, N0K 1W0 519. 522. 0738 - jbaynham@tcc.on.ca 18 Miniature Horse World WINTER 2017 They have the ability to make the perfect blend of professionalism and personalization. I see this as a rare and difficult combination to manage, yet, manage they do. To John and Linda Whitt, I personally say thank you for being all that you are to each of us individually as well as to our association. Thank you for all that you are in word and deed to our association and for sharing the beauties of your life and abilities with those of us in this Miniature Horse Family. I feel honored and proud to call you dear and special friends.