2017 Miniature Horse World Winter 2017 - Page 14

mini scoop In Memoriam Barbara Naviaux AMHA was saddened to hear Barbara Naviaux passed away on October 23, 2017. Barbara was a true pioneer of the AMHA and the Miniature horse breed. Those who knew her said she is a very strong-willed individual who voiced her opinions and concerns about the breed openly, but always treated everyone with kindness and respect. Barbara became very well known in the Miniature horse industry as an author of many magazine articles and books. Perhaps, her most influential title was her book, Miniature Horses; Their Care, Breeding, and Coat Colors. Many champion foals were produced with the Barbara’s Rodabi-J prefix which came about by the clever use of her four son’s names- Rob, Dave, Bill, and Jeff. Barbara was a hands-on breeder, gentling each foal herself and completing the initial train- ing for each horse and only then would she turn her charges over to a professional trainer for finishing. Even in her eighties, she maintained a small herd of high-quality Miniatures on a 6.5-acre farm in Placerville, California. Barbara was very involved with AMHA, serving three years on the AMHA Board of Directors and then Chaired the Standard of Perfection Committee in 1998. She then originated the Genetics Committee and subsequently served as Chairman of that newly formed committee. The standards used today in the AMHA registration department are those she helped build while leading these two committees. In 2016, AMHA awarded Barbara a coveted “A” Award for her lifelong service to the as- sociation. Her greatest ambition was always to produce and promote the most correct American Miniature horse possible. 12 Miniature Horse World WINTER 2017 Gene Carr Gene Carr from South Dakota passed away on October 25, 2017. Gene was a carded AMHA judge since 1994 and a true icon in the entire horse industry, both US and Internationally.  He left a vast legacy of knowledge in his writings and produced champion horses in several breeds includ- ing Quarter Horses, Appaloosa and Pony of the Americas where he was involved as early as 1958. Gene’s passion for learning led to a pursuit of studying genetics in the Appaloosa Horse breed. Intrigued how one horse with few markings could produce offspring with a color blanket and many markings, Gene worked to isolate the color pattern gene in Appaloosas. After studying pictures and lineage of over 2000+ Appaloosa horses – he succeeded in isolating the gene and pub- lished the work - Homozygous Appaloosa Coat Patterns. This led to opportunities to become an international renowned horse breeder and an international horse judge of 15 horse breeds in North and South Ameri- ca, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Honored by his peers as the South Dakota Horseman Of The Year in 2004, he was in- ducted into the PTHA Judges Hall of Fame in 2006 and honored by the POA associa- tion as a POA Diamond Premier Breeder (0nly six breeders have achieved this in the history of the breed). Gene will be sorely missed by many in the horse industry. May he rest in peace. Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme (4/2/2007-10-23-2017) Wade Burns and Jon Woodring of Lucky Four Farm had to say good bye to Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme after a long, tough batt le to save him. Lucky Four was honored to have had the privilege of own- ing this great little 28 inch stallion from birth. He was World Champion in both the Futurity and Open Class as a yearling and was never shown again. Lucky Four Rebelchase Rebelsupreme was shown by trainer Mike Rosauer and was always a consistent winner. He was named “Phil” when Mike picked him up to show him. Phil Lipani, Lucky Four’s farm manager told Mike, “This will be our next World Champion.” Mike said “Well, we will just call him Phil.” He was the sire of 34 foals, 8 who are World Champions and 2 who are Reserve World Champions. He was also named AMHA’s Top Futurity Sire in 2012.