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Mini Squares Off with Owner

Q .

I have a 2 yr old Miniature and he recently began presenting his rump to us when we go in his area . He will spin or turn and try to kick us . Any idea why ? He was a wild 6 month old when I got him and he has come a long way since then with work and attention but his new little habit is not very good ! How do I stop him from this habit ? Help ?
Beth Wirht You don ’ t say if he is a stallion or gelding but it should not matter , bad manners are bad manners - Pop him on the butt HARD with a slap sound and holler “ NO ”! Once or twice with that should do it . Or tie him to a fence post ( etc ) and walk past him . If he tries to kick , swat him again on the butt , with a loud “ No ”. Leave him there tied a good while ( under supervision ) and keep testing him . Good luck .
Anne I ’ d take a different approach . At some point , he may have felt threatened or wanted to be left alone , so he turned his bum to you ... and it worked . Because you didn ’ t correct it the first time , it ’ s become a habit . Hitting him from behind is likely to get someone kicked , so I don ’ t advise that . In a non-threatening way , call him to face you , and offer him a treat when he comes to you . Halter him with a lead . Using a crop as an aid , you have to begin teaching him to move away from the crop when you touch him with it . Eventually , you want to be able to get him to swing his hindquarters away when you tap him with the crop . You can ’ t correct his behavior in a punishing way because it can backfire for someone who is inexperienced .
Craggs I ’ d say he ’ s a colt and trying to be head of the herd . I agree with some of above comments . When entering my colt ’ s stall he must always move to turn and face me . He must lead politely and any attempt to move ahead of me means a strong pull on the leadrope to keep him in place . All the time you are teaching him- whether you mean to or not . You must gain control of his feet as he is trying to control yours . You don ’ t need to get rough as he will threaten you back and if you aren ’ t experienced he will get the upper hand . There are many videos of mares with foals on you tube . Watch the way the mare moves the foal around with body language . There are also lots of handling videos there as well . What may look like a little movement could speak volumes to your horse .
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