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providing up to 15 different entries to showcase the Miniature breed . Ted ’ s selective breeding program produced quality driving horses , a testament being the four generations of winning horses who cumulatively won over 100 Walnut Hill 1st place pewter plates .
The popularity and respect of the American Miniature Horse has grown in the American Driving Society events and Combined Driving events thanks to the support of
Ted ’ s presence and support . With his advocacy , breed specific Miniature horse divisions and Very Small Equine divisions have developed at Walnut Hill in single , pair and multiple-horse driving . Ted as recently inducted into the Walnut Hill Hall of Fame , where he joins only 16 other honorable members chosen over the course of 45 years .
Even at the age of 91 , Ted continues to breed horses and performs most of the farm work himself with the help of his wife , Mary . Ted has earned the respect of the Miniature horse community as an active , positive and inspirational representative . His efforts to improve , bring attention to and contribute to the breed are outstanding and unlike any other .
We bestow this “ A ” Award to Ted Jenney , the highest AMHA honor for his lifetime of accomplishments and achievements .
Joanne Ross – Scott Creek Miniature Horses , Salem , OR Nominated by Sheryl Peterson
There have been few others who have made more contributions to the American Miniature Horse than Joanne Ross . Time and again , she has openly encouraged new members to join the industry , convinced members to stay in the industry , mentored , assisted and influenced new horse owners in her Pacific Northwest areaoften to the point of allowing her no time to show her own horses . As a member of the Northwest Miniature Horse Club since its inception in the early 1980 ’ s , Joanne has shown her allegiance to the club by serving multiple times as an officer . She has been an unwavering supporter , through good times and squeaky financial times . She made solid decisions for the club that helped it move forward and become financially stable once again .
Joanne has promoted the Miniature horse , not only in the United States but all over the World . She has traveled to many foreign countries to export horses and to assist new owners in the correct way to take care of their Miniatures . She stays in touch with each new person and provides support for the lifetime of the horse and person . There are not many Miniature horse owners in Europe who don ’ t know and respect Joanne Ross and treasure her knowledge .
As retired school teachers , Joanne and her husband , Larry , place great value on education . They have written hundreds of articles on the care and maintenance of the Miniature horse . From her early days in the industry , she has shared her vast knowledge and love for these horses through a series of newsletters . Contained In each newsletter was an educational section regarding foaling , nutrition , basic first aid , veterinary care or training . Many people saved these articles and continue to refer to them to this day .
Joanne has been an active participant in the governance of AMHA , having served on the Board of Directors as Secretary and Director at Large . She stepped up and finished the director term for her region when the current director had to resign . Joanne was instrumental in developing the International Committee and has also served on Amateur , Rules and Regulation , Bylaws and Futurity committees . She was also a key component when revising AMHA ’ s current Standard of Perfection .
Joanne ’ s influence in our breed is undeniable . Who has not owned or heard of a Scott Creek horse ? Joanne has spent a lifetime working towards perfecting the breed herself , with particular attention to bite ( teeth formation ) and straight , strong legs . Her horses win World titles , Championships and Supremes here in the United States and all over the world . Scott Creek horses are sought after as breeding animals for the contribution they make to a breeders program and outcome .
For all these reasons and many more , Joanne Ross much deserves this highest of AMHA honors , the “ A ” Award .
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