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“ A ”

AWARD Winners

The annual “ A ” Award is

presented to an outstanding
AMHA member in recognition of exceptional contributions toward the perpetuation , promotion , use and or breeding of the American Miniature Horse and or promoting the growth of the AMHA membership . This year ’ s honorees are as follows :
Ted Jenney – Kateland Farm , Holley , NY Nominated by Laura Mullen
Kateland Farm , or Mini Heaven as some refer to it , was established in 1989 . The hobby began as a plea from Ted Jenney ’ s late wife , Joy , to “ get rid of the big horses and get some minis ,” after being introduced to them at the New York State Fair .
That marked the beginning of a great establishment . Ted purchased his original herd of about 10 Miniatures with the goal to teach people about horses and driving . Ted began a breeding program that catered to developing a premium Miniature driving horse and since its inception producing approximately 250 foals . At one point , Ted ’ s herd increased to more than 70 minis .
With his experience in breeding and foaling , the opportunity arose to share the experience and educate others on the Miniature foaling process . Ted videotaped all foalings , giving him ample footage on what was typical and atypical during the birthing process and what to do in case of either . These videos were often gifted to horse owners as Ted ’ s purpose was to educate and prevent
misfortune on behalf of horses and owners . Ted purchased an internal ultrasound machine , a technology that was uncommon and costly . He then gifted it to the local vet so that she could help other Miniature horse owners check their mares during the first trimester for conception .
Ted has provided his services and resources to the community and local clubs without regard to personal , economic or professional gain . On numerous occasions , Ted ’ s generosity was apparent whether it be gifting a well-trained horse to a member who suffered a previous driving accident , or providing an elder competitor a cart , harness , and horse when her own was too sick to drive any longer .
Ted annually hosts a Miniature Horse Youth Fun Show in addition to summer camps for children and adults who want to learn more about Miniature horses and driving . In addition , Ted was the purveyor of the eight-horse , Kateland Farm Drill Team , providing the horses , carts , harnesses and the facilities in which to practice . The Drill Team performed annually at Walnut Hill and other local shows for six years . These performances showcased the skills of not only the drivers but of the Miniatures as well , their skills blossoming as they performed the intricate formations of pinwheels and clovers , with just inches between the carriages and horses .
Twenty-five years ago , Ted Jenney debuted his first American Miniature Horses at Walnut Hill , one of the largest and most recognized pleasure driving competitions in North America . Every year since , Ted returned with his entourage , some years
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