2017 Miniature Horse World SPRING Issue - Page 6

president ’ s message by Joe Kahre

We drive them in carts

for pleasure , parades , or showing . We do jumper , hunter , obstacle courses or teach them trick training . We show them in halter classes . We use them easily for educational demonstrations . We find them to be exceptional in therapy work . We take them to be a big hit at parties . We enjoy them as our pets and friends , sharing our daily problems in a warm stall . We fill our “ horse ” need with them when we can ’ t do the big guys anymore . We utilize them as a starting point for equine exposure for our children . For some , they are a business . But most importantly they serve as a way for us to meet and make some of the best friends that we could ask for in our life ! It is no wonder that the Miniature Horse has drawn in the hearts and souls of so many people !
Perhaps a good word description of what our Miniatures possess is “ diversity .” The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect . It understands that we should be celebrating each of these rich dimensions of diversity contained
in our horses and their owners , and there are many !
As owners , breeders , or fanciers we each love our Miniature horses for different reasons . They bring different beauties to each of our lives . Hence , we arrive at them quickly developing into a “ passion ”. Passion is a strong emotion that becomes a driving force . It is an emotion that causes us to stand tall for what we believe in . It is an element that pushes us to excellence . It is something that when directed and managed correctly can bring you greatness .
We have a unique situation with AMHA . We have before us a beautiful blend of diversity with a powerful source of driving passion . Together , we have the ability and potential to move beyond where we might even dream possible . Many new and great things are ahead for AMHA . We are moving quickly towards a new day . I hope that each one of you jump on board with your own piece of the diversity puzzle and add in an extra dose of passion . Let ’ s combine these powerful energies and make things happen for our association , for our horses , for our passion .
Yes , our Miniature Horses , they can do it all . They are truly a horse for everyone .
Spread the word !
With God ’ s Blessings ,
4 Miniature Horse World SPRING 2017