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Lil Bit O Country Butterfly Lil Bit O Country Kenny X Mini Hoofs Peppermint Twist Owned by Lauralee Cunningham AMHA REGISTER OF MERIT - Multi- Color Mares AMATEUR REGISTER OF MERIT Lauralee Cunningham – Amateur Classic Pleasure Driving Lauralee Cunningham – Amateur Obstacle Driving Lauralee Cunningham – AOTE Classic Pleasure Driving
Lil Bit O Country Butterfly , aka , Flitter is that “ once in a lifetime ” horse , my heart horse , who has made so many of my dreams come true . We work together so closely , it is as if we can read each other ’ s minds . Butterfly enjoys showing as much as I do and usually with ears forward , and a little jog trot , she drags me to the trailer . Last spring , was a different story as she planted her feet and said “ No !” not wanting to load . We knew immediately something was wrong and had her checked to discover she had developed an ulcer due to a new supplement . After a few weeks treatment , she was fit as a fiddle again and back to beating me to the trailer ! We ended the 2016 season with the Kansas State Fair Supreme Driving Horse award and tied for 1st place for the AMHA Region 13 Amateur High Point Award- Level 2 ! I am again looking forward to being dragged to the trailer in 2017 . Our future goals include earning an AMHA Superior Event Horse in Obstacle Driving and one day to win a World Classic Pleasure Driving Championship together !
Sherwoods Sheer Independence 7s Nashvilles Sheer Magic X Willow Runs Mercedes Owned by Jessica Peterson AMATEUR REGISTER OF MERIT Jessica Peterson- Amateur Halter Obstacle Jessica Peterson- Amateur Obstacle Driving
Sherwoods Sheer Independence aka . Indy , and Jessica won Amateur Obstacle driving at Worlds in 2013 & 2014 . He has only been shown a few times locally since then . We almost lost him to kidney failure and we just don ’ t think we want to put him through the stress of long distance travel again . Indy has what we affectionately call “ Appytude ”. He seems to think he knows how to do the obstacles already without any help . Part of showing him is earning his respect and keeping him focused on the obstacle at hand . At feeding time , he rears up to attract your attention and continues to do it until you feed him ! Our goals for him in the future are to continue getting him out when the girls are attending local shows . We would like to find a youngster that wants to learn to drive from a mini that is well-broke and safe , but this special young person must also accept the challenge of the “ Appytude ”. Indy is a special horse and has more than proved it with his record of three Reserve World Championships , two World Championships and helping Jessica win the World Super Amateur Award .
Stars FR Jericho Another Dimension DWB Final Review X Wild Oaks Royal Delight Owned by William Shepherd Jr . AMATEUR REGISTER OF MERIT William Shepherd Jr . - – Amateur Halter Obstacle AMATEUR CHAMPION William Shepherd Jr .
Stars FR Jericho , aka . Jeri . My wife Rebecca fell in love with Jeri when he was born . We never thought we ’ d be able to purchase him but one day everything fell into place and he became a member of our family . He has exceeded every plan we ’ ve had for him . Our plans for him were to just show in the 30 ” and under halter classes . But he has shown abilities in Halter , Hunter , Halter Obstacle and Driving Obstacle and he ’ s 29 ” tall . His surprising will and talent has well surpassed our own limited expectations of him due to his small size . We heard from day one ( from people we respect ) “ He ’ s too small to do that ” and “ He can ’ t do that .” But Jeri doesn ’ t know he ’ s little and has always stepped up and showed us his heart . We call him the little horse that can .
Jeri has the best personality both at home and at a show . Most people are not aware he ’ s a stallion . He can be sensitive and will literally pout if he gets in trouble . Our goal for 2017 is to finish his AMHA Open Championship .
AMHA offers these special titles and awards upon request of the horse owner . Forms are available at www . amha . org . The AMHA Rule Book offers more information on the requirements met by these horses and exhibitors . Each horse and / or exhibitor listed here receives an official certificate recognizing their accomplishments .
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