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Special Titles and Awards

Pictured are Cherie Smith , Callie , Blake Wilkerson and Stacy Wilkerson
Sierra Dawn Unos Bugattie Sierra Dawn Uno De Mayo X BZs Wee Primavera Owned by William & Rebecca Shepherd AMHA REGISTER OF MERIT- Senior Stallions Over 32-34 AMHA CHAMPION AMATEUR REGISTER OF MERIT William Shepherd Jr . -AOTE Exhibiting Senior Gelding , Level 2 William Shepherd Jr . -Amateur Jumper
Sierra Dawn Unos Bugattie , aka , Bugattie has been the greatest equine teacher we ’ ve had the pleasure to learn from . He ’ s always thinking and challenging you at home and at a show .
Our biggest obstacle with him has been earning his trust and becoming a team in the show ring .
Bugattie has a personality all his own and he is very smart ; nothing he does surprises us anymore … it ’ s just Bugattie . We could write a book on the things he does and has done . You have to be one step ahead of him at all times . He ’ s a very talented , exceptional horse . Bugattie is now 18 years old , but he shows no sign of wanting to slow down . So we will continue to show him just as long as he is willing and wants to .

The American Miniature Horse Association

wishes to congratulate each of the following horses , their owners , trainers and handlers for a job well done !
The list here represents hours of commitment , hard work , perseverance and sacrifice that culminates with the presentation of these special awards .
AMHA recognizes the horses and exhibitors that achieve 20 , 50 or 75 points in specific showing categories and classes .

Congratulations !

Scott Creek Mystical Calendar Girl Brewers Orion Mystic X Brewers Toy Baby Owned by Jessica Kimball AMHA SUPERIOR EVENT or HALTER HORSE AMHA CHAMPION AMHA REGISTER OF MERIT Liberty Open Hunter Open Halter Obstacle Multi-Color Mares Senior Mares – 28-30
Scott Creek Mystical Calendar Girl , ( Callie ) is a once in a lifetime horse . Her current age is 26 years young . She ’ s had three different families in her years of showing , and each are still attached to her . She was bred by Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Miniature Horses and is from one of her first foal crops . Galeon and Loretta Bryce and their daughter Cherie Smith purchased Callie at the ripe age of 3 months . Each showed her successfully . Cherie ’ s daughter , Stacy also did very well with her in the show ring . Stacy ’ s son Blake ( age 4 ) showed her for the first time this year and had a ball . Larry and Joyce Murphy and their daughter Sheri Deuna purchased Callie from Cherie , They and Sheri ’ s kids - notably Nick , Hayden and Ali- also showed her to many successes . I purchased her a few years ago because she wasn ’ t happy being retired , and I promised her that I would give her a job .
Callie is now showing not only AMHA , but also in the Pinto world . She ’ s usually the smallest and oldest show horse on the show grounds . Her only obstacle is that she ’ s petite . OK , short . Standing only 29 1 / 2 inches tall , her major difficulty is if the obstacles in the Halter Obstacle class are higher than her tummy . We had fun with an obstacle at a pinto show , where there was a raised angle side pass . She high centered on it . However , we just chuckled and soldiered on . The judges loved it . If there ’ s an error in a jumping class , or obstacle class , it ’ s usually my fault . She just looks at me and sighs . We also did live TV at the State Fair this year , and had fun walking in the parades ( in costume ) to advertise the horse show .
As to her future - she will continue to show until she doesn ’ t want to anymore . This is a life she loves , and standing in a pasture forever isn ’ t her idea of fun . She continues to own all of us who have had the good fortune to be her family over the years . Callie will be showing at the Emerald Valley Miniature Show and the Western Regional AMHA show this year , as well as some Pinto shows . We ’ re looking forward to having a fun time and meeting new people .
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