2017 Miniature Horse World SPRING Issue - Page 14

therapy spotlight

Submitted by Lisa Moad

Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses

We began this journey well

over a year ago in January , when the Tournament of Roses Parade announced their theme , Echoes of Success . It seemed to perfectly describe the Seven Oaks program and the relationship we have with our therapy partners . We decided to apply and try for an invitation -hoping for the best and assuming it might take several tries to be accepted . After scouring the internet for someone who could do custom mini horse costuming on a grand scale , we found Holly with Mini Bling Presentations Sets . We counted ourselves very lucky to have found Holly . She showed great design skills in both the costuming and the elaborate floral pieces she made . It was soon apparent she and I were thinking along the same lines and that I could trust her with all the design aspects of the project . The Rose Parade would require us to set a very high standard . Holly worked with us to meet schedules and get our application submitted on
time . In August they announced we were approved for the parade and we began to enhance our costuming and added an additional horse to the group . We had decided at the very beginning of this process that our team would include representatives from the various programs we have involving our local police , hospice care , the airport and the seniors and children we visit . Our therapy programs mission is to serve others , bring joy and offer hope to those we visit . Holly completed the final preparation on the costumes where her attention to detail was meticulous in both the floral work and on the show breastplates and halters .
We planned stops on our trip to the Rose Parade to highlight what we do and made stops at a two Ronald McDonald Houses and collected thank you cards that were given to service members at Fort Bliss , TX and the San Diego Naval base . The result for all the hard work was fantastic , and the horses with their costuming were a huge success . During the parade , it was obvious young and old loved the horses . We were very proud that Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses is now a part of the history of the Tournament of Roses Parade .
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