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Left to right- Long time friends , Bob and Betty Branch and Tony and Carol Greaves .
decorated with a forest of rotating Christmas trees in their living room . A bedroom filled to the brink with dolls , where a young Lauren slept .
A few months before Bob ’ s death , he asked me if I would consider taking some of his most cherished horses . His doctor said that he and Betty had reached an age where they really shouldn ’ t keep them anymore . Who knew ? He was 97 and she was slightly younger ! I told him that I would do anything that he wanted me to . So a few weeks later , after he sold or placed many of the other horses , I brought my trailer and filled it with the last 14 , several of whom had won many Antique Vehicle and President ’ s Touch of Class championships . Of those 14 , several were well into their twenties including Betty ’ s favorite , her roadster champion Eagle , who is almost blind . I think Betty was secretly hoping that my trailer wouldn ’ t hold all of them so she would have an excuse for Eagle to stay with her , but unfortunately for her , they all fit .
What I didn ’ t fully grasp was Bob ’ s incredible career before Miniatures . I knew he was a Colonel in the Air Force , but until his daughter shared her presentation from the memorial service , I had no idea that he served in three wars : World War II , Korea , and two tours in Vietnam . Not surprising , he was highly decorated from each one .
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A hero . A gentleman . A model husband . A model father . A promoter . An inspiration . A unique character . However you saw him , I see him as a dear friend who will be sorely missed .

Tribute to Daddy

By Peggy Sue Branch-Clark
Retired , decorated United States Airforce Colonel Robert Branch , Sr ., who I always called “ Daddy ” passed away on November 16th , 2016 , at the Dallas Veterans Hospital .
Daddy was truly a proud member of what is often referred to as “ The Greatest Generation .”
He was born on September 25th , 1919 , in Joplin , Missouri , to Walter William Branch , and Hazel Filewood Branch .
As a young adult , he was fascinated with airplanes , and at the age of 23 in 1943 Daddy enlisted in the Army Air Corps . Later , in 1947 , the name was changed to the United States Air Force .
Daddy followed in the footsteps of his father who was a member of the United States Calvary , and two brothers — Walter Filewood Branch who served in the Navy , and Arthur Lewis Branch who served in the army .
Though unprepared for war and all its horrors , he answered the call no matter the difficulty to serve and to protect this great nation .
As a soldier , Daddy quickly learned he had a critical job to do .
It is because of Daddy and others who shared a belief in the need for commitment to peace along with selfless bravery , courage , and willingness
to help defend freedom for humanity , millions of us enjoy our liberty today .
Daddy was a veteran of 3 wars : World War II , Korea , and two tours in Vietnam . He was tripled rated as a navigator , bombardier , and radar operator flying planes that included the B-24 Liberator , B-29 Superfortress , the B-36 Peacemaker , the F-100 Super Sabre , and the B-52 Stratofortress .
The family is proud of all the military decorations , medals , and ribbons he had affixed to his uniform . These included a Bronze Star , an Air Medal , an Air Force Commendation Medal , a Combat Readiness Medal , a Korean Service Medal , an Air Force Good Conduct Medal , an American Campaign Medal , a Vietnam Service Medal , a World War II Victory Medal , a National Defense Medal , and an Air Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Award .
Daddy always ascribed to the fact that military discipline was good training for one in life . He believed whoever you are “ Core Values ” are what you live by and learn to cherish and to remember these values remind us of what it takes to achieve true success .
He always said , “ The only place you will find “ success ” before “ work ” is in the dictionary .” That is a slogan proudly posted in all my school ,