2017 Miniature Horse World July E-Magazine - Page 8

Body Clipping Tip from the Obsessive Groomer By Sarah Vas from Facebook H ere are some body clipping super tips from my years of experience in the only other breed that clips obsessively- Arabians!  BEFORE body clipping… Bathe the body and legs very thoroughly. Rinse but don’t sweat scrape yet. THEN…Mix any basic drug store mineral oil with the hottest water the mini can tolerate. Generally I fill my bucket with two gallons water and 1/2 cup oil for a Mini.  You’re going to dedicate a bucket and a sponge to this mixture. It won’t wash out without a miracle. Now... Briskly run the mineral oil water all over every inch of hair you want to clip. Face, legs, top line, tummy, everywhere. Sweat scrape thoroughly. Allow poopsie baby to dry but don’t freak out about the greasy look or feel. Clip... Your blades will stay cleaner and sharper longer. The hair will cut like hot butter, even the stiff spots like knee caps and top lines. The track marks will be minimal at best.  And the best part... The oil will protect the skin by ultra moisturizing it before you clip! The hair coat will look shiny and lustrous and no razor burn! Any track marks can be cross cut immediately and cleaned up. An oiled clip is show ready right from the groom stall (I learned this trick from an Arabian Icon from the old days). You’re welcome! 6 Miniature Horse World J U LY 2 0 1 7