2017 Miniature Horse World July E-Magazine - Page 6

Big Horse Convert Facebook Post from Karlie Ries via MINIATURE HORSE DISCUSSION BARN I s anybody else here a Big Horse to Mini Horse convert? I’ve had riding horses most of my life. I have one big mare currently and am meeting/hopefully bringing home my first Mini tomorrow. She has been driven, seems very well mannered and level headed with any sort of distractions. So I’m glad to not have to worry about any training needed. I’ve taken a few driving lessons and am ready for this step. I have had an awful time overcoming some confidence issues with riding and as much as I love my mare, I can’t seem to bring myself to ride hardly ever anymore. It’s more disappointing than anything and I’m hoping that this well-mannered, experienced Mini will be the cure. Llara Martinez I have one riding horse who is as kid safe as they get for me to ride. Sad but true. But the rest will be Minis that I am doing various things with. I drive, using as pack minis, dress up, hopefully parades and teaching them to jump and do obstacle courses. Carol Ann Hanq I had three big horses and rode for 20 + years. I now have one Mini and one retired quarter horse. A car accident prevented me from riding and moved me to a service Mini. I was broken hearted. But now I have such a strong bond with my Mini, I’m sure you will too. Cristina Marie I started with trail horses until a bad riding accident then I switched to Minis. 4 Miniature Horse World J U LY 2 0 1 7 Taisa Foster I also am in the middle of this transition because I am now disabled and riding is too painful. I am having to sell my big heart horse that I trained. I am hoping that bonding to a Mini will help me recover from my break- ing heart. Karen Pausma I bought two Minis in Oct of 2015. I just could no longer afford to own a riding horse. Since board alone would be $350 a month for stall board and $250 for rough board. I am blessed to be able to keep my Minis with family and at very reasonable rate. One of my minis is broke to drive and this year I am attempting a few ADS shows! Suzi Romine There are many of us! I do still have big horses. But don’t ride much. I started with one Mini...now have seven! Jenny Kiest I switched to Minis when I had to retire my Arabian mare. I tried a paint gelding at first and decided I was done riding and would just drive my Minis. I have 9 Minis now and my retired Arabian mare! Haha! Kim Shifflett I lost my confidence to ride, sold my big horses and switched to Minis. That was about 17 years ago. I have never regretted it and love still hav- ing horses in my life. Delana Jilek-Ha y You will love it.... Marie Stockham Wilbur I have had full size horses my entire life.  I am 75 and have had multiple back surgeries and also have lost some confidence after being thrown. My last big horse went over the Rainbow Bridge two years ago. I have a rescue Mini that is spirited but is trained to drive. She is a sweetheart and I am go- ing to work with her this summer. I miss riding but can’t wait to learn to drive. Sandra Wormwood Get a good solid harness...and an easy entry cart with heavy duty wheels and have FUN! Ramona Holt I still have 3 geriatric paint horses, but love my Minis to pieces!  Kendra Sullivan I currently have a senior and two projects in the large horse department. Although two are currently subject for new homes. We have 1 Mini and my Mom has 4 (which are unofficially mine). I love the Mini’s and get so much joy from them. Don’t get me wrong, hav- ing owned horses (big) for 24 years and I have enjoyed it... but the Mini’s bring so much peace that I couldn’t find in the big guys. Linda McAlpin Wood Pictured is me and my Mini, Flash, at the Chuckwagon Races in Clinton, Arkansas. He was amaz- ing pulling me over so much land and through rivers! Not a very good picture, but you can see I’m driving him among big horses. Minis are easier to camp with, too. When I just have Flash, we put up a little portable electric fence with D-cell batteries, right next to our camper trailer. Fran Seidl I have both but I LOVE my Mini! Tammy Dameron Schreiber I have both (1biggie and 3 Minis) but I never knew how much I would enjoy driving. Now, if some asks if I›d like to go for a ride or a drive with my Minis, I pick driv- ing every time! Mindy Alameda I went from really big horses (Clydesdales) to Minis. I love these little guys. Kirsty Bedwell I’ve been riding for the past 11 years and always dreamed of buying my first horse. I never knew he would be so tiny!! Ha, ha! I really just decided one day I wanted one. I’ve not really had much experience with them in the past. But I don’t regret it one bit. It was the greatest decision. I love my little guy so much! Carla Hopkins I had big riding horses for over 30 years, and in my “older years”, I’ve now switched to the Minis. I still miss riding (every single day), but the little ones sure do keep me busy, happy and content. Just having a horse around is the best part. I don’t know what I’d do without being able to press my nose against them and get that smell.....noth- ing like it. And the Minis smell just like the big ones! Here’s me and one of my Minis, Pancho.