2017 Miniature Horse World July E-Magazine - Page 27

Some years later, Audrey became too ill to continue with the ponies, and I was put in charge of the dispersal. By that time I was completely enamored with them, and I brought home about 20 of them. I arranged the sale and shipping of the rest. Over the years, I was also very fortunate to be able to borrow a couple of the Arenosa breeding stallions including the incomparable Monterrey, sire of many of mine. Of course, being the judge gave me a distinct advantage in choices. I always preferred the smaller ones.

I then began breeding of triple registered ponies in a serious way. After a while, those ponies went to all corners of the U.S. spreading the Arenosa story and blood. We sold a good many to Nancy Rivenburg in Oregon, and also to singer/movie star Vicente Fernandez in Mexico. At one time, I had more pure Arenosa ponies than anyone on the planet. At the end of my time with them, Sandy and Glen Nichols had discovered the Arenosa lines and I ended up selling them 25 ponies total, then they had the purest Arenosa blooded animals. The pure blooded Arenosa ponies, to me, were always head and shoulders above the rest. Some of the half-blooded ones were very fine, and those under 50% resembled the true Arenosa less. As the blood diminished in quantity, to me, the ponies declined in quality.

Audrey was a breeder of ponies for over 60 years, was my mentor and friend. I wrote the eulogy for her funeral, and Scott Uzzel, long time breeder/judge, and I wrote a large Arenosa story that was published. Many of our words and photos have been used by others across the country.

The wonderful times spent walking the pasture talking conformation and pedigrees, the fun at shows, the great suppers in the Barrett home, our phone calls and letters, the meaningful conversations, the laughter, and friendship will remain with me forever.