2017 Miniature Horse World July E-Magazine - Page 23

How Farm Prefix Reservations The following Standing Rule was passed by the AMHA Board of Directors at the 2007 Annual Meeting: Tall All new prefix/suffix applications will be reviewed by the Registration Department for deceptive similarities. The prefix/suffix will be placed in the Miniature Horse World for one issue and on the AMHA website for 120 days prior to approval. Will My Horse Be? The Registration Department will search for current prefix which are similar to the applied prefix and provide this information to the Board. The Board of Directors will review and approve all prefix/suffix applications after the 120 days and before the applicants can use the prefix. M PREFIX/SUFFIX APPLICATIONS New registrations requesting the reserved Farm Prefix will be issued per normal procedure; however if the Farm Prefix name is denied for any reason, AMHA re- serves the right to change the horse name. You will be contacted as soon as pos- sible after the 120 day waiting period regarding any name changes. Prefix/Suffix: TAMILA 4 KS MINIATURE HORSES Owner Name: ALISON BRADY MICHELLE KLATT iniature horse owners sometimes use the string test as an estimator for how tall a horse will grow. Trainer, Ashley Harris, measures from the top of the hoof to the middle of knee (on a young horse you can feel the open joint). Take that number and multiply by 4 and then add 2. This should give you a close estimate how tall your Mini will be at maturity. For Sale Samis Zuper Star 30 inch - AMHA/AMHR 2007 Palomino Pinto Stallion Lucky Four Rebels Regalaire X Samis Rave Review Has a pedigree loaded with some of the top Performance and Halter lines. He is a Full Sibling to Samis VIP Mr John – who holds Multiple titles in Europe. A Proven stallion - tested N/N (Negative) for all 4 ACAN Dwarf gene tests Priced at $1,500 Tea Cup Stables David and Wilma Bouska Chandler, Okla  74834 www.teacupstable.com 405-834-8225 okminihorse@aol.com J U LY 2017 Miniature Horse World 21