2017 Miniature Horse World July E-Magazine - Page 20

Becky Blankenship You can pick and choose the places that you will show and save money that way . Some people like a lot of small shows . Some will do a few small shows and save up for the big shows .
Patty Spinicchia Interesting topic . I have just started showing and there are plenty of local shows for Minis .
Judy Branson When I go to bigger shows , I rent an extra stall and my husband sets it enclosed with plastic . We put in an A / C , air bed , fridge and microwave and I live there for the week and half .
At smaller shows I go for the most decent , affordable hotel . We bring breakfast and lunches so we can eat a dinner out .
Jessa Renee Bryan At large shows we live in our stalls too ! We bring a crock pot and cook all our meals .
Martha Duchnowski We do the same . I have a cot-tent to keep any birds in the rafters from messing on me . I bring food and hopefully there is a shower at the facility , so I can shower everyday . It ’ s just like camping !
Martha Duchnowski We also take beach mats from Walmart for the stall floors , and a collapsing clothes rack for show clothes . Stall curtains for privacy . We even take a folding camping table and chairs so we have seating space !
Becky Blankenship I also think you have to look at what is going on at home . We made a mistake of having too many extra horses . We wasted a lot of money by keeping horses that we weren ’ t really using or enjoying .
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