2017 Miniature Horse World July E-Magazine - Page 19

n n more. The key is having the tack swap at a central location to other horse owners and making sure it’s well-publicized via social media and flyers. For a one day show, carpool or transport/supervise a child who needs a ride in exchange for gas money. Or if staying overnight at a hotel, share a room with a friend for cost savings. Hotels with complimentary breakfast are handy when you roll out to the show at the crack of dawn! Befriend someone who is a horse show mom! They always bring snacks or even cook and feed everyone. Another option is to ar- range potluck meals among horse show friends so as not to spend all your cash at the concessions. the stalls and you will need less shav- ings. Also woody pet (pellet bedding) instead of shavings can sometimes be a cost saver. Megan Mosier  Search before you go to find good local feed stores around your destination and check to see if they carry your brands and at what prices. That way you won’t have to haul heavy feed bags. Lynda Harris If you don›t want to take a sack of feed, especially with minis, measure each meal into a zip lock bag. Easy to take and easy to feed. Label if morning and night meals are different. I do the same with hay. Fill the bags at home if you have more than one. I’m allergic to hay and this really helps me. Barbara Havins Great topic. We took food for ourselves to the last show and saved a lot of money (and we didn’t have to eat hot dogs and hamburgers every day). Morgan Maske You’re on the right track, never buy food from horse shows! When I go to a multi day show, I always bring my own food. I go grocery shopping the day before and for $30-$50 I can have food for 4 days. I always bring my own shavings and you can learn to do your own body clipping/grooming. If it’s a single day show I go the day of instead of overnight if it works for my situation/horse. Makes for a long day but you won’t have extra gas/ hotel costs. Here’s some advice from Facebook friends: Larah Massey Being pretty new to showing ourselves we found out that pre-entering classes can save money at some shows. Call ahead to confirm. Kay Ann One way we budget is to take really good care of our sup- plies, try not to waste, put grooming supplies away so we have no spills and can re-use. Take as much of your own food as possible. Lorie Shue Walmart is where I go. They have shiny stuff that works like grand champion shinny stuff! Marlene Graves For my horses I use ethnic hair care products. It works really well as it’s formulated for dry hair. The hair dye I use is for Asian hair types and can be bought at any Walmart, drugstore or even grocery stores carry it in their beauty aisle. Lynda Harris Throw –a- way gloves for grooming will save your clothes. Judy Branson I purchase those Standlee brand compressed hay bales for ease of room in the trailer. Jessa Renee Bryan Basket ball nets make great mini hay bags. Mat J U LY 2017 Miniature Horse World 17