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Q. From Facebook by: Nikki Owen I have a question about my cart. I changed out the seat and added a boot to a standard easy entry cart. I have a 34” gelding and as you can see in the photo, my shafts angle too far upwards. I am getting larger tires, but that will not fix the issue. Has anyone had this problem and should I just re-adjust the angle and re-weld it or what? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! (This does not make for a balanced cart) It has 49” shafts and 20 or 22” wheels. I’ll be getting 24”s. ANSWER– Mindy Schroder This is a very interesting problem and not one I’ve seen before! What brand is your little show cart? Are the shafts removable? I’m wondering if the shafts are bent/warped a bit and that is causing some of your troubles. These photos make your horse look like larger than a 34” mini! I think I would get a different set of shafts and if these are 49» then try 54» shafts. You can measure the length of your mini and then add 12-15» to help you know what shaft size will fit best. In my opinion it›s better to have a little too much room rather than have things be too tight. I think getting the bigger set of wheels is a fantastic idea and will help some for sure! www.BreederAlert.com T e O r i g in al Halter Fo aling Mo ni t o r Allsman Enterprises, LLC PO Box 1869 Rogue River, OR 97537 541-582-2101 mare@breederalert.com • Completely Re-Designed System with new Patent Pending Electronics • Our smaller than a credit card mare transmitter weighs only 1.48oz! • Every System includes built-in Telephone Auto Dialer and Pocket Pager • New Pager identifies which mare is sending alarm (up to 20) • Ask about our New Lower Pricing • In the U.S. since 1979 96 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2017