2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 6

president’s message by Joe Kahre Dear fellow fanciers, I have been reaching out in each of my writings about the importance of being positive, looking for the good, promoting the good, take the good and running with it! The good is our own personal relationship with each other, with our horses, with ideals, our passion. This common denominator here is, of course, our AMHA Miniature horses. They bring so much joy to our lives, introduce us to so many new and exciting friends, and take us places we literally never thought we would be. Blessings abound! After once again traveling to all three regionals, working that gate, seeing and talking with so many people I came home with the realization that YES, the power of positivity is working. I saw happy people, I saw helping people, I saw caring people, I saw working people, I saw horses excellently bred and groomed and trained, I saw people rejoicing in the wins of each other as well as their own. I saw new faces that are just starting with us, and most importantly being embraced and welcomed with open arms and caring hearts. I saw a community with a very cohesive bond that few fancies can boast of possessing. I was very proud of “us”. I saw amateurs excelling in open classes (something that has been missing in recent years), I saw trainers reaching out to help Electric Trimming Tool their peers, clients, and competition. I saw youth performing at levels of excellence that was amazing. As a bonus, I saw ALL three regionals with an increase in horses, ALL three regionals with a considerable increase in entries, ALL three regionals with a renewed excitement about who and what we are. I am busily doing my part in preparing to make the upcoming World show be ALL that it can be! The new arena, new stalling, new layout, new, new, new……Will everything be perfect? We can hope, but the reality is whether it is or not, we will all be working to make it be a great experience for “our people”. As you approach the new venue, please carry an open mind, soft tongue, and helpful hands. Ask questions and jump in, as this is a team effort. We are all in this together wanting the best that best can be. You have aptly proven the power of a positive mind, so I come to you and say THANK YOU, CONGRATS, and let’s keep the ball rolling! We have a GREAT World show just ready and waiting to take off and fly, and we want you all to be a part of it in your own way. Please keep all of our people in your prayers as they travel with their precious cargo. FEATURING THE NEW LEVER ACTION PADDLE SWITCH The paddle has a safety tab that is manually depressed to turn the tool on, when released the tool turns off, the safety tab repositions itself, keeping the tool from turning on again until you are ready to work. Formerly Electric Hoof Knife www.MyBossTools.com 877-320-8203 4 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2 017 I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Fort Worth! Please stop and say hello! Until then, God’s Blessings.