2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 59

2017 EASTERN Championship Show Results RESERVE: STRONG HERITAGE SMARTY PANTS, Shown by KELLY LEWIS Springfield, OH 8th GANDER HILL CALIFORNIA COVER GIRL, LYNN GULLEDGE- FATALE OR YVETTE MOONEY 9th TEN LS TOTALLY BUFF, LAVONNE OR JAMES REARDON 10th TOMF DANCING IN THE SPOTLIGHT, PHILLIP ABBOTT Class 145: GENTLEMENS ROADSTER (3 Entries) CHAMPION:  BUCKEYE WCF IMA COOL SKIPPER, KATHLEEN GREEN OR JENNIFER ZONGHETTI 3rd DOUBLE DESTINYS BUCKEROO TOO, Shown by BILLIE JO DEBROSS 4th BLUE CHIPS MASTERPIECE BY DESIGN, Shown by TERRI PAUL Class 136: AMATEUR OWNED TRAINED & EXHIBITED SENIOR STALLIONS - LEVEL 1 (3 Entries) CHAMPION:  OLIVE BRANCHS COMMANDERS BUCK BARON, Shown by SARAH THEISS RESERVE: FIRST KNIGHTS IN THE MOMENT, Shown by DEBORA MINNER 3rd CMC ON EAGLES WINGS, Shown by JULIE GOOD Class 137: AMATEUR OWNED TRAINED & EXHIBITED SENIOR STALLIONS - LEVEL 2 (4 Entries) CHAMPION:  MODERN CANDYMANS LEGACY, Shown by DONNA LAVERY RESERVE: HOPKINS THE JOKERS MAXIMUS, Shown by HARRY MINNER 3rd J & LS TOTALLY BUFFS L PASO JOE, Shown by LAVONNE REARDON 4th CMC ON EAGLES WINGS, Shown by AUSTIN GOOD RESERVE: OATMEAL ACRES SHE KAN B SILVERBELL, JULIE ANN GOOD 3rd FALLEN PINES EXOTIC SKIPPER, NORMAN OR CAROL BEACHY Class 146: SENIOR STALLIONS - 28” & UNDER (3 Entries) CHAMPION:  SRF DOUBLE TAKE, TONI BALLARD Class 138: AMAT UHM9%=HMQ11%=9L1Y0Ā=YHÊtQ<ӊt́ɥ̤) !5A%=8$ =9ILQ!=1=IdMݸ-11d5=II10)IMIY$YI5%1eI5L 9e59LI%LMݸQIId)=I(ɐ$%IMP-9%!QL%8Q!5=59PMݸ =I5%99H) ̀5QUHM9%=HMQ11%=9L1Y0ĀÊtU9Hāɥ̤) !5A%=8$ 5 =81L]%9LMݸ)U1%==) ̀5QUHM9%=HMQ11%=9L1Y0Ȁ=YHÊtQ<ӊtԁɥ̤) !5A%=8$5=I8 9e59L1 dMݸ=991YId)IMIY$A= <=I< =1I=LY%9 $Mݸ)=9Q!8]!%QP(ɐ$YI5%1eI5L 9e59LI%LMݸM!99) I=](Ѡ$(1LQ=Q11d UL0AM<)=Mݸ1Y=99II=8(Ѡ$1 !UIMQL=5%9< PMݸ5IIPA=IQH) ̀5QUHM9%=HMQ11%=9L1Y0ȀÊtU9Hȁɥ̤) !5A%=8$M=9=%Q!=11e]==%9YHMݸ)=9Q!8]!%QP)IMIY$ 5 =81L]%9LMݸUMQ%8==) ̀ 1MM% A1MUII%Y%91%9Lɥ̤) !5A%=8$= 9MMP =MQ=8=-Q!18I8=H-%4)11UH=H(i=9!QQ$)IMIY$IUMQd9%1LI9 ,I=5<5 ,=HQ55% =a(ɐ$%=9I5LM5%I9 =I=8=H =99%!II%L(Ѡ$YIMQ%1%QdI5L9I%iHA4 I!=IMP(Ѡ$)M\M!=]-e L9% -0 I, %5,(Ѡ$%9%8!%11LI=]dAQI%=P1%9=HMI 5UIId(Ѡ$)=9LȁI9ȁ ==%1e98U11Q1=H)5IQ!U !9=]M-$(Ѡ$!=A-%9LA%9Q%5 I=H I!=A-%9L)IMIY$ 5 =81L]%9L)U1%98==(ɐ$-1%9 ILMQUI5%M !9 !P1%M-1%9) ̀M9%=HMQ11%=9L=YHtQ<Êtāɥ̤) !5A%=8$M=9=%Q!=11e]==%9YH)=9Q!8]!%QP) ̀M9%=HMQ11%=9L=YHÊtQ<ˊt́ɥ̤) !5A%=8$A= <=I< =1I=LY%9 $)=9Q!8]!%QP)IMIY$YIMQ%1%QdI5LI4=8M9I59L(ɐ$5=5L=IYHA!=9%`Y%I%9%=9M1YL) ̀M9%=HMQ11%=9L=YHˊtQ<ӊtԁɥ̤) !5A%=8$5=I8 9e59L1 d=991YId)IMIY$ =9ILQ!=1=Id-11d5=II10=H59) M1d=H I%995UIA!d(ɐ$1=!I!AM=eLI% = !P-%I d)=9L99%M)!IMQd(Ѡ$!I =IQ=]8]II8 UP-I8 1I,=H-Q!I%9)19Qh(Ѡ$YI5%1eI5L 9e59LI%L %5,=HL) I=]=HP=I=H4M!=UM) ̀MQ= ,QeAMQ11%=9Lԁɥ̤) !5A%=8$95 9MLY% Q=I%=ULQ==H51%MM9U58) ̀1%L =U9QIdA1MUII%Y%9āɥ̤) !5A%=8$M4!%10M!=\ U -LD)]11%1d)IMIY$5=U9Q%85=]LMQAA%8=UP%0 eI9L(ɐ$YIMQ%1%QdI5LI4=8M9I59L(Ѡ$=Q50 ILM!-8M%1YI 10)U1%98==(Ѡ$Y%9QI5L=91MP9 MQA!9% =QP)-%91dAI%QP(Ѡ$1% IQeL !<IU55HAU1=H5%1% UI%8(Ѡ$ I%LM%9QUI%9M%!P)U1%98==)00)5ɔ!͔]ɱ