2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 40

member Profile A Tale of Two Farms, with One Dream Darkside-Heirloom Miniatures By Lynne Francis as told to Melissa Powell Who is Darkside-Heirloom Miniatures? D arkside-Heirloom Miniatures is located on 22+ acres of prime horse property in sunny California. Twenty of those acres are in Angels Camp, (Northern) California on the farm of Irene Baldwin, and the other almost two acres are seven hours south in Camarillo, (Southern) California at the farm of Lynne Francis. Irene and Lynne merged their two breeding and show programs into one in 2013, since then operating as Darkside-Heirloom Miniatures. One of the stallions that reside with Lynne at Darkside Miniatures is LM Idols Hennessey Hawk. McCarthys Kryptonite lives at Heirloom Miniatures with Irene. World Champions and Champion- producing horses reside at both of Darkside-Heirloom Miniatures’ locations. Gracing the stallion barns are McCarthy’s Kryptonite, champion producing (and first- born offspring of First Knights Billy Idol) LM Idols Hennessey Hawk, and champion producing Redrock Incognito. Additional stallions include sons of McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh, Mountain Meadows Jess Armani and “Gator” son, Stars Gambling On Love. Mares include daughters of Oak Bay Salsamio, Oak Bay Salsa Chipotle, McCarthys Kryptonite, McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh, Champion Farms Nighthawk, First Knights Breakin All the Rules, Billy Idol, LK Black Velvet, and Rhapsodys Latin Tango, amongst others. 38 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2017