2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 4

editor’s notes by Melissa Powell W elcome to the fall issue of Miniature Horse World! Many people love spring, but fall is by far my favorite season. Texas folk can finally emerge from the air-conditioning during the daylight hours and enjoy watching their horses get down- right frisky when the temps drop below 70. No doubt; it’s hot in August here in the lone star state. This year’s World Show is upon us and the AMHA office has been diligently multitasking so that every exhibitor is entered and ready to show on August 25th. Although we all love good news and are thankful for a positive outlook, this issue of MHW doesn’t reflect our typical exuberance for the World Show. Blame it on the earlier show date or the fear of hot temperatures, 2 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2 017 bottom line the magazine cannot exist without the help of our advertisers. If you aren’t one, you should be! Who doesn’t have a horse or two for sale or bragging rights from a show you’ve attended? If you’re feeling guilty, call me! I promise you will enjoy seeing your horses in the Miniature Horse World! I am so thankful the Mini industry has a young go-getter trainer like Lana Grieve who is willing to share her knowledge. This gal is so talented; we couldn’t wait to feature her Pivot Perfection training article so that more of you can perfect your own showmanship and halter obstacle skills. Another seasoned Miniature owner that volunteered her writing talents is AMHA Senior Judge, Karen Maas. Her witty Q & A article on halter showing is sure to entertain and inform you. And don’t miss the Member Profile feature that introduces you to Darkside-Heirloom Miniatures. An unlikely partnership formed between these two Cali women whose incredible ability to work together for the common good is putting their farms on the map. These two know a thing or t X]ܚ[]\HYHZ\X]\HۈYH [[^[YK\H]][[