2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 35

Stand at the point of the nose slightly in front of the horse. Use upward, bumping halter pressure simultaneously with the stick tapping the left shoulder blade of the horse to create momentum for the horse to cross their left front leg over their right front leg. The End Goal You’re teaching your horse to pivot his right hind leg by planting his foot in the dirt, making a perfect 360-degree circle while his left hind leg swings around his body in unison. You want your horse’s left front leg to cross over their right front leg. The left hind leg should move each time the left front moves, balancing the pivot turn by stepping up and underneath the horse’s body as they perform the pivot. Forequarter Control Exercise: Shoulder Control For your horse to understand the pivoting concept, you must teach him how to maneuver his shoulders around while keeping his hunches stationary. Without this fundamental skill in place, your horse will not physically be able to execute the pivot correctly or consistently. If your horse already knows how to pivot, but exhibits body leaning/heaviness, struggles to “close” their pivot turn (putting their feet underneath themselves neatly when you stop the turn), or can only stay correct in a pivot by moving very slowly, this exercise will benefit your horse and teach him how to unlock and soften his shoulders. The reason these habits happen is because the pivot turn isn’t solely about shoulder control, it requires complete willingness of the horses five body parts - the head, neck, shoulders, rib cage and hindquarters - to work together in unison to create a balanced, )ɥٽЁٕȸ%Ё́ͥѼ)ѵх锁ȁ͗é䁥)Ց䁝ɽչݽɬɍ͕́ѡɕ)00)5ɔ!͔]ɱ