2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 34

Pivot Perfection How to Accomplish a World Class Pivot Turn By Lana Grieve There’s nothing like watching a winning team execute a clean, crisp showmanship pattern. A maneuver commonly in the spotlight of the Showmanship class is a pivot turn, and often a critical component to determining the results of a class. Even at a world class level, perfecting the pivot can be challenging. By following this simple, natural exercise, you will teach your horse optimum shoulder control by incorporating proven body language techniques and accomplish a seamless looking pivot turn. Recommended Training Tools: A four knotted rope halter, a standard length 4-6’ lead rope, and a 3-4 foot training stick/crop without the string attached. By using a rope halter versus a chain, it will be easier to cue your horse’s body and achieve responses on a natural level. Over time, you can use a regular halter with a lead shank (chain) under the chin to refine your horse once he’s responsive and light with the cues in the rope halter. 32 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2017 Lana demonstrates with 2 year-old, KKMC The Perfect Storm, aka Brooklyn, how to properly lead your horse with the training stick in your left hand. Your leading hand should be at approximately the horse’s eye level while performing all Showmanship maneuvers.