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he wished. I let him be out on the grass for most of the day, taking care not to leave him out in the sun for long as horses with liver disease cannot tolerate it. He was clearly uncomfortable, often shifting his weight and quite lethargic. But he was grazing. Some friends of mine told me about herbal treatments. I was skeptical but figured it didn’t hurt to try. If I could help him feel just a little better, I’d try anything. I started him on an equine liver- up herbal blend mixed with aloe vera juice twice per day along with hemp oil made by Canna-Pet. To my amazement, this combination along with that last antibiotic prescribed seemed to be doing something. He gradually began eating his hay and showed interest in apples, carrots, and oats. His frail little body began filling out, and his energy level and attitude perked up tremendously. He has remained on this regimen since April 22nd. He went through two rounds of the antibiotics that ended in May. So far, so good. He is eating well and maintaining his weight. Leo does struggle a bit in the summer temps, but once the day cools off, he makes up for the food picking earlier in the day. North Carolina Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. On June 17th, we held a retirement party for Leo. A lot of people came out to help him celebrate his amazing career. It was a grand time for our special King Leo. Over the years he worked with celebrities Nixons Hill Farms proudly raising AMHA horses in Southwestern Ontario, Canada including William Shatner and Jeff Foxworthy, just to name a few. He attended events and visits in California, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Washington DC. He can now live out his days, which will hopefully be many, even years, lounging around the yard doing as he pleases. Trust me; I cannot stress enough how I count each day with my boy as another blessing. Stampede of Love will press on with Leo passing down his tennis shoes to his three- year-old son Kiwi. He, Lola, Taz and our new addition, Peaches, will continue to share the love. Here’s a takeaway message just for you. Only you truly know your horse. Only you can be sure there is still a spark and a willingness not to give up when you look into their eyes. Go with your gut. The vet school wanted to do another blood panel, and although I am curious and may consider it one day, I have declined at this time. e Come see m sit when you vi the great ! white north Jim and Gene Baynham 43007 Huron Rd, Seaforth, Ontario Canada, N0K 1W0 519. 522. 0738 - jbaynham@tcc.on.ca 30 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2017 As for Leo and I, we get to enjoy more time together- it’s the greatest gift I could ever receive.