2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 22

association news cont. 2018 Breeders and Trainers Directory Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity for your farm or ranch! Miniature Horse World Cover Request Any AMHA member is eligible to advertise on a Miniature Horse World cover position. Cover positions for 2018 will be first come, first served for both the online and the print issues. Please contact Editor@amha.org if you would like the opportunity for a cover position. The AMHA Breeders and Trainers Directory is the primary source for reaching new mini enthusiasts and is shipped to events and venues world-wide. Listings start at just $50. An application for you and your farm to be included can be found at: www.amha.org/sponsorships/Current-breeders- and-trainers-directory Or call (817) 783-5600 Ext. 301 to request an application. Don’t let your mini suffer even one more day! The Hoof Cinch relieves the pain of laminitis and fixes founder! We applied the Hoof Cinch and within hours, our Mini was already trotting around! Thank you, thank you! We are sold on your product! – David D. Albia, IA Applies pressure to the hoof wall, forcing it to realign with the coffin bone.  n Stops the pain quickly  n Works with or without shoeing  n Realigns the hoof wall with the coffin bone  n Painless application & Easy to apply August 24 through September 1, 2018 Will Rogers Equestrian Center, Fort Worth Texas  Only $60 per set plus $5 S&H www.hoofcinch.com 20 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2017 2018 AMHA World Show 1-855-44-CINCH 2018 World Show Judges Patrick Burton Sandra Curl Wayne Hipsley Myron Krause Ann Judge Kimberly Seipp