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Breyer Fest 2017

By Shanna Crowe – DSB Farms

REST IN PEACE Oatmeal Acre Hee Kan Do It Too

5 / 4 / 2008-7 / 19 / 2017
Our condolences to friends Julie and Austin Good who lost their beloved black stallion , Oatmeal Acres He Kan Do It Too or “ Fabio ” as he was known in the miniature world .
My first Breyer Fest experience was one for the books , our beloved buckskin “ Vermilyea Farms Candyman ’ s Aries ” proudly represented Spirit from the movie “ Spirit : Riding Free .” During my experience , there were quite a few people I met that had never been up close and personal with a horse before and it warmed my heart to see the excitement on a child ’ s face when I stopped to let them pet “ Aries .” Everyone was kind and gracious for letting them pet “ Aries .” We were asked many questions from fans about Miniature horses , and I gladly answered to the best of my knowledge .

Miniature Therapy Enthusiasts

Pet Partners will be commemorating their 40th anniversary this year , celebrating with a conference held in September titled , “ Professionalizing the Passion .” Pet Partners are the pioneers of animal-assisted therapy with a great deal of credibility in this field of work . The conference will include two full days of presentations on topics spanning current research and best practices , as well as opportunities to network with others committed to the highest professional standards in Animal Assisted Therapy . If you ’ ve wished for some direction for doing therapy with your Miniature horse , this could be the answer for you !
Also , the staff that was working Breyer Fest made sure that we were well taken care of . They were incredibly kind and polite .
Lastly , I would like to send out a big “ Thank You ” to the Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club for including Aries and I in their group to represent the Miniature Horse breed during Breyer Fest 2017 at the Kentucky Horse Park .
For more details on the conference or how to get your Mini certified for therapy , visit the Pet Partners website at : www . petpartners . org
Link to video : https :// www . youtube . com / watch ? v = aAQ3Yw _ OT _ Y
Julie entrusted Fabio to Clinton Jury of Clear View Stables who had this to say about Fabio . “ He was a joy to have in the barn . He had an incredible work ethic and such a big heart , he loved to please . Fabio had the biggest forelock I ’ ve ever seen on a mini and when you looked at him , you could always catch a peek at his sweet eyes through that mess of hair . My condolences to Julie and Austin during this hard time - we all have wonderful and fond memories of Fabio during his time here at Clear View .”
Julie was candid about the tragic accident that caused Fabio ’ s subsequent euthanasia with Facebook friends and wanted to share some of the details in hopes the information provided would help a fellow Mini owner from the same fate . Julie shares , “ Fabio had gotten both front hooves over a gate , his pasterns of both legs slid into the 1 to 1 1 / 2 inch groove between the hinged side of the gate ( a regular tube gate ) and the wooden fence post . His fetlock joint gave way and he had a compound fracture / dislocation of his right front leg . He was quickly sedated and humanely euthanized to not prolong his suffering . There was no chance of him recovering from these injuries . This was a “ freak accident ” and our fences will be replaced with something much differently next time .”
Editors Note : Oatmeal Acre Hee Kan Do It Too , pictured in the photo above , was recently selected to represent American Miniature Horses in the 2018 American Association of Equine Practitioners 2018 Calendar .
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