2017 Miniature Horse World FALL 2017 - Page 100

A Miniature We’d Love to Own Finnegan A Precious Gift BARN NAME: Finnegan OWNED BY: Annette Cornish, Hillsboro, Oregon DETAILS: 1999 Sorrel Pinto Gelding with one blue eye OWNER HISTORY: Finnegan was seized by law enforcement, along with eight full sized horses, as they were neglected and underfed. Once the court case was resolved, I adopted Finn. He is beautifully cart trained and is a total gentleman. He is a registered AMHA horse thru hardship registration. His registered name, Finnegan A Precious Gift. We call him Finn and have named our ranch “Finnegan’s Farm.” SPECIAL FRIENDS: We also owned a dapple gray mare named Tori. She was found dumped to die in a rural tree farm in sub-freezing temperatures in the middle of winter. All sources of water were frozen and had been for weeks. There was no source of food either. She was crippled in one hind hip and thought to be in her 30’s. No one knows how long she lived in this harsh condition. She was brought into foster care and came to live with Finn. The photo of them nose to nose was taken the moment she first met Finnegan, the love of her life. Sweet Tori lived with Finn on our ranch an additional five years. She was the sweetest soul I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I miss her nicker greetings. She passed on to heaven a little over a year ago. Our vet thought her age to be near 40 years at the time of her passing. We simply loved her deeply. Finn now has a new mini girlfriend named, Ellie. She will never replace our beloved Tori, but being a younger mare, she keeps him active and is a great companion. SPECIAL SKILLS: Finn and I walk or drive through a subdivision neighborhood just south of our farm. The residents and children of the community love seeing us and ask to pose with him to have their photos taken. It’s a great way to educate people about the Miniature horse breed, answer their questions and give them an up close look at a Mini. BRAGGING RIGHTS: At Finnegan’s very first driving competition he won a blue ribbon. Some friends and I entered our Minis in July 4th parades and earned first place trophies for our entries, twice! PERSONALITY PLUS: Finn loves being scratched and brushed. He is just the perfect little boy, and he is my precious gift. I am so blessed that our life’s paths crossed. I cannot imagine life without him. { SEE YOUR HORSE HERE EMAIL EDITOR@AMHA.ORG 98 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2017