2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 7

struggling to keep shots in bounds and over the bar. An attempt at a goal by Matt Danahey was thwarted by McBob’s’ captain Sara Koenig. “Turbo” and “Nitro” spent most of the quarter feeding off each other as they continued to take shots at the Gael Winds’ goal and uprights, with some assists from Hoverman. Kilp kept his teammates motivated and managed another point for McBob’s before the end of the quarter. 7-10 (31) Gael Winds 0-6 (6)

McBob’s defense worked hard to keep the Cats at bay for the final quarter of the game. Taking full advantage of their offensive possessions, McBob’s’ offense were taking shots for goals and points left and right. Unfortunately, a number of their attempts were pulled wide left but they never looked defeated and just kept on trying. After a throw-in, MacDonald landed a beautiful ground hurl in the Gael Winds Goal. Zach LaValle came in as an injury sub for Koppa and scored the final point for Clare. On the other side of the field, Kilp and offensive teammates managed to whip a few more points through the Cats’ uprights before the final whistle. Despite a well-fought match, the Gael Winds 0-10 (10) fell to the County Clare Cats 8-12 (36).

*All Opening Day games are being recorded as ties. Please see pages 28-29 for explanation.