2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 28

Why Did an Ambulance Getting Stuck on the Field Lead to a Day of Tied Matches?

The fifth game of Opening Day was between the O’Lydia’s Purple Reign and the Trinity Three Irish Pubs Rebels. Unfortunately, only eight or so minutes into this match, our medic team was called onto the field for an injury. After thorough assessment, a decision based on protocols, was made by the medical team to call for an ambulance to transport our injured hurler to the hospital. Due to the muddy field conditions, the original ambulance became stuck and was going to require a tow truck to remove it from the pitch. Thankfully another ambulance was able to take the hurler to the hospital and that player was able to get treated as quickly as possible. Due to the ambulance getting stuck, the match was cancelled.

The captains and Board of Directors thoroughly discussed how the cancelled game would affect the rest of the day’s matches. After thorough discussion of all rules currently in place for situations in which games are cancelled, it was decided that all five

By: Cecilia Nieves & Jason Kirkpatrick