2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 27

receiving a pass from the hands of Rachel Fortier. Christenson, once again, added three more to the board with a strongly contested goal. Brian Dake made a massive save that ensured Three Lions’ lead over the Ninjas. Pub’s Bill Boppre sent a point back Three Lions way, shortly followed by a tremendous goal made by Fortier--mid fall meeting the back of the net right before the half. Three Lions Pride kept their lead over the Ninjas. Three Lions 5-5 (20) to Ninjas 4-2 (14).

Both teams entered the pitch after a halftime full of motivational speeches from captains starving for the first win of the season. Three Lions gained a powerful start with Rapkin scoring three points in a row. John “Johnny Mac” McCarville showed his defensive skill set to stop a potential drive from the Ninjas’. This was followed by an enormous clear from Three Lions’ Reiley Hofschulte. Ingebrigtson of the Ninjas and Christenson of the Pride went back and forth with points and goals, respectively, to make for a competitive match. Andrew Fehrenbach of Irish Pub gave a push to score a point high over the bar with a help from Logan “Skittles” Kittle. Rapkin and Christenson matched with points of their own. Three Lions were still holding on to their lead with a score of 6-9 (27) to a close 5-5 (20) before the fourth.

With the last water break coming to an end, both teams strove to take control of the game. Irish Pub’s Chris Servis had a dominant block in goal with Kittle making several blocks of his own. Christenson scored one more final goal to lengthen the gap for Three Lions. Pub’s defense kept thrusting the sliotar toward the offensive. Irish Pub’s Rory Burmeister put forceful pressure on Antonio Ninham of Three Lions resulting in a hook that prevented a goal. Rapkin ended the game, nudging out the edge over the Ninjas with one more point to take the game. Both teams fought until the very last second of the match but there can be only one victor and the Three Lions Pride came out on top over the Ninjas with their much earned redemption. The final score: Three Lions Pride 7-11 (32) over the Ninjas 5-5 (20).

*All Opening Day games are being recorded as ties. Please see pages 28-29 for explanation.