2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 26

The sun was out and the temperatures were cool when the Three Lions Pride met the Irish Pub Ninjas on the pitch to gain hopeful vengeance for their playoff elimination from last season. Three Lions Pride began the game strong with their first and second goal of the season coming from Kyle Christenson. Being the first to throw points on the board gave the Pride a wave of adrenaline that continued to roll on. A hand pass from Brian “Fu” Christ to Jessie Rapkin resulted in the sliotar taking flight over the crossbar for the addition of a point for Three Lions. The back-to-back score board fillers made the Irish Pub Ninjas kick into gear. Joel Ingebrigtson made his presence known by making an aggressive score with an assist from fellow captain Alec Fortier, giving the Ninjas a change of pace. The attempt to close the gap a bit was thwarted by Christenson’s rebuttal goal, which increased the gap. Ninjas trailed 1-0 (3) the Three Lions Pub 3-5 (14) at the end of the first.

After a quick water break, the two teams took their place on the field. Ingebrigtson rallied against the late goal in the first with a goal of his own after receiving a pass from the hands of Rachel Fortier.

By: Indira Colon

Pride Takes Revenge on Ninjas in Playoff Rematch