2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 25

By: Dennis Marsolek

Not necessarily in any particular

order, here’s what we learned

on Opening Day 2017….

8 am is way, way, way too early.

The grass should be cut before the pitch is painted.

The U-15 goal line is precariously close to the North adult 65 line.

Even though this is not curling, Brian Dake is a great sweeper on the pitch.

Not everyone is in game shape at the beginning of the season.

Connor Kilp can still be counted on to break at least one hurley in every match he plays. (He broke two on opening day, but only one during his match. His record is four broken sticks in one day)

Wind certainly can affect the flight of a sliotar.

Ambulances should not drive on the pitch after a particularly wet Spring.

Dogs without leashes may run onto the pitch during a game.

Most volunteers for the scoreboard don’t remember that goals should be listed before points.

Tent stakes, and poles used for displaying our valued sponsor’s (Midwest Orthopedic Specialty Hospital) banner, go into the ground much easier after the aforementioned particularly wet Spring.

Cramping of the leg muscles can occur even at temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. Apparently, a wet Spring does not guaranty your body is sufficiently hydrated.

Wind can tighten and redden the skin on your face just as much as exposure to the sun can.

Flying model airplanes near tall trees is not recommended.

If you bought 50-50 raffle tickets, you may want them handy when the winning number is announced.

Clumps of long, fresh cut grass; some dandelions; a few sticks; and a creative mind; can all be used to create art.

Where’s the round robin?


West Side


Check back again for more insights from the other side of the pitch

Dennis Marsolek, (father of Brian Marsolek), along with his wife, has been watching MHC matches from the West Sideline for as long as anyone can remember. Though he may seem quiet and mysterious from the opposite side of the field, he certainly has a great deal of insight into the world of hurling. Well, at least the world of hurling as it pertains to the Milwaukee Hurling Club. Those of us here at the Dish from the Pitch are grateful that he has agreed to debunk the mystery surrounding himself as well as the West Side of the Pitch, in his new feature column: The West Side Story.

-Cecilia Nieves, Editor