2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 23

The Heavyweights took advantage of the water break. Coming out of the gates they manage to tie the game at seven all. A subtle ricochet off of a hit got a goal for Slim’s, allowing red to regain the lead. Ruetz comes back with a distance drive through the uprights. Olson was owning the goal. The guy had his territory locked down and was fighting off some wild shots. Sholts had his line playing tight. The two of them working the defense together truly showed the synergy that some captains have together on the field. Slim’s’ offense managed to find some strong footing in front of the net. One forward manage to box out enough space to fire a shot straight in for a goal. Another teammate quickly followed suit, knocking one past the Heavyweights defense, ending the quarter. Slim’s went into the half 4-4 (16) over the Heavyweights 1-7 (10)

At the start of the half, Slim’s came out swinging, winning a battle for the ball outright. Spring House’s defense later intercepted the play for a clear but a Slim’s midfielder ran the ball back to the Heavyweights side of the field. Olson took the onslaught until he could finally clear it out, unfortunately a Slim’s’ offender intercepted, keeping the pressure on the Heavyweights’ defense. Lucky for Spring House’s defense, the shot taken by the Sláinte’s went wide. Slim’s must have changed something up at the half because the offense became relentless. Despite this fierce attack by Slim’s, Spring House’s full-back line kept a solid defensive wall. Bauer saw an opportunity and cleared the ball, quite nicely. Though it was not nice enough to get past the tenacious Slim’s midfielders who put pressure back onto the Heavyweights. A switch finally occurred and Spring House moved the ball to their offense. The game was brought before Slim’s’ Matt Ebert. A close defensive play saved the jolly red captain’s goalie from imminent danger. The way Slim’s was playing, well it was just intimidating. Heavyweights remained behind at the end of the third 1-9 (12) to Slim’s 6-9 (27).

Silver Spring House and Slim’s had to fight through some exhaustion during the final quarter. Everyone was feeling it. The field was soft, swampy if you will. Each step felt like five, but moved you half as far. The soft field was an enemy to every man and woman. Pressure came back on the Sláinte’s and a goal just skimmed by Ebert’s stick. Stuht was taking shots for points like a combat sniper in treacherous terrain. A Slim’s’ forward made a hard corner shot to finish the game. The final whistle blew, with Slim’s’ finishing strong 7-10 (31) over the Heavyweights 2-10 (16).

*All Opening Day games are being recorded as ties. Please see pages 28-29 for explanation.

Slim McGinn’s Sláinte’s Outweigh Heavyweights on Opening Day

By: Ian Schaak