2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 22

The Spring House Heavyweights and Slim’s Sláinte’s entered the field for the third game of the day. Captains Dave Olson and Tony Sholts donned flashy new turquoise jerseys, leading their turquoise titans onto the marshmallow-like playing field. The Slim’s’ players, rocking the classic red and camouflage, greeted their stylishly revitalized opponents for what would be a game well played on the young budding spring day. What stood out first was Sholts’ ferocity on defense; the man knows how to control his zone. In the first quarter he lost his stick and still managed to kick the ball out; literally putting his best foot forward to defend. A Slim’s offender boxed out Chris Bauer for a quick snatch and a goal for his team. All was almost for not with Sholts’ impressive foot play, as the ball quickly made its way back around to the fullback line. Luckily his teammate Mike Stuht, managed to stop the play with a hook, followed up by a pass to Teddy Ruetz.

The Spring House full-back line managed to win a well fought battle for the ball, and get a short clear. A crisp interception from a Slim’s midfielder quickly turned the play back in their favor. One of the Slim’s forwards took a quick shot on goal, met by a skillful and well aimed palm deflection by Spring House’s Olson. A Slim’s defender hooked a Heavyweights half-forward for control of the ball, then made one beautiful pass down the field. Spring House’s Stuht scored an up and over from one heck of a distance; the definition of long bomb. A Slim’s player managed to stop a Heavyweights’ offensive play, keeping possession on his side of the field. Another Slim’s offender slipped past the Heavyweights’ defense to score an up and over closing the first quarter at 0-3 (3) Heavyweights to 1- 3 (6) for the Sláinte’s. Maybe it is too early to tell, but with strong versatility like that, Slim’s midfielders are going to have a bountiful season.