2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 21

The second game of the day began immediately following opening ceremonies. While the weather persisted cold and windy, the sun was shining and the grass clippings had sifted down into the turf, rather than standing in rows like hay ready to be baled. The throw in was followed by stick clashes, resulting in an Ale House free. Alex “Alphabet” Chojnacki gained possession of the ball for Shamrock, he took his shot, missed, but his captain Vinny Maloney recovered the ball, keeping the sliotar in Shamrock hands. Moloney scored a goal, putting points on the board for the first time during the match. Moloney again gained possession on the puck out to got a quick point for Shamrock. Zach LaValle, captain of Ale House made an ambitious clear down the field, only to have Tom Hereley send it back to his Shamrock forwards. Jamie Phillips broke away for Ale House to shoot for a point only to have the ball bounce off the upright. Ale House did get on the board with a point by Phillips before the end of the half. The first half of the match saw “Alphabet” take another shot on goal that resulted in a goal for Shamrock and his debut goal in the adult league. Pat Burke sent the ball into the back of the net for another Shamrock goal. The half concluded with the Shamrock Club Griffins in the lead with a score of 3-5 (14) over the Marauders 0-2 (2).

The second half of the game started with Tim Sulik disrupting the Shamrock offensive, showing the crowd on the sidelines that Ale House had some strength on the back line. Shamrock captain AJ Varelas made an attempt to point, but once again Sulik came to the defense of Ale House and the shot missed. Ale House showed that even this early in the season they can pull together as a team to get the sliotar over the bar for a few more points. A spectacular behind-the-back pass to Hereley from one of his defenders resulted in another point for Shamrock. The game closed with LaValle putting pressure on the Shamrock defense, but they held him off. Great efforts were made by the Marauders but at the final whistle, they fell 1-6 (9) to the Shamrock Club Griffins 4-16 (28).

*All Opening Day games are being recorded as ties. Please see pages 28-29 for explanation.