2017 MHC DFTP Opening Day 5/7/17 - Page 2


Amanda Hanrahan

Cecilia Nieves


Indira Colon

Christina Fortier

Rob Hoverman

Jason Kirkpatrick

Cecilia Nieves

Ian Schaak


Ellen Burmeister

Indira Colon

John Fehrenbach

Amanda Hanrahan

Darci Neuenschwander

Jeff Serrano

Michelle Varelas

Front Page Photo Credit: John F.

Jersey Night Photos

Gael Winds Could Not Topple Cats

Youth Start Off Year Strong:

U7, U11, & U15

MHC Opening Day: From the Eyes of

an MHC Family

Thank You for Your Support

Griffins Rock Marauders

Slaintes Outweigh Heavyweights

Hurling for Hounds

The West Side Story

Pride Takes Revenge on Ninjas

Why Did an Ambulance Getting Stuck on the Field Lead to a Day of Ties?

Call for Volunteers & Future Hurlers

Men's Traveling Team Takes on Madison

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