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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 peacemakers, there would be no war, poverty or hunger. If our leaders were highly sensitive empaths, government policies would be more equitable and compassionate, and a strong empathic leader may have the courage to advocate for the vulnerable in our communities, not the powerful corporations. empath, but the rewards are infinite as intuition is also magnified. Spiritual wisdom and understanding are also valuable traits of an empath. Is the opposite of empathy narcissism? Although empaths have superhero feeling powers they do not need to save the universe. It is impossible Compassionate empaths can lead others to a peaceful way of resolving conflict Energy is not positive or negative, it is simply energy. There is no good, bad, right, wrong, light or dark energy. There is simply only energy. Learning to observe energies with detachment and without judgement prevents a fear of absorbing unwanted energies. Balance is key to understanding this. We need darkness, as in night, as much as we need light, as in day, and one is not better or worse than the other. Sadness and anger expressed in a healthy way is not negative or bad, it is just expression of feelings. Expressing, not supressing, feelings in a productive format is essential for emotional and physical health. As an empath, it is helpful to be discerning about what your energy is and what someone else’s is and remembering that it is simply just energy. If you physically experience another’s physical or emotional pain, with strong intention, surrender and release it. Empaths also feel strongly another’s joy, peace and love. Feeling can be amplified for an anyway, as everyone has their own destiny, unique journey and life experiences. Although empaths usually have loving intentions and an honourable desire to help, it’s pretty unrealistic, and in some cases, let’s be honest, arrogant to assume they need to save all the wounded souls. Practising extreme self-care and love is imperative for anyone, especially empaths. Meditation, grounding and mindfulness practices are helpful to maintain optimum strength and energy. Empaths often love to help, heal and give; these are strengths not weaknesses. Having healthy boundaries and learning to say no is another prerequisite for empaths. The gift of free will ensures this, it is a choice. We all have access to unlimited source energy; we cannot rely on others for this. Our own fears can be debilitating and may even temporarily paralyse the stream of source energy, which may leave us feeling anxious and drained. Others cannot shut off our supply to universal love, only we can do that. Connection to source energy is unlimited. Continually being on guard because we are programmed to think that dark energies, entities, psychic attack, curses or hexes can negatively impact on our health, wealth and happiness is a belief system that does not serve anyone. It breeds fear and results in psychic exhaustion. Energetically adding to this belief creates disharmony and in some cases mental disorders. Feeding the fear creates separateness; it’s all an illusion, so don’t buy into it. This fear impacts on our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Living in a constant state of paranoia only attracts more things to be fearful of, but this is only cause and effect, nothing more sinister. feel blessed, then life feels much easier and you notice the blessings in life. Empaths are often selfless counsellors, healers, psychics, mediums, and service and community workers. When focusing on service and not self-service for the collective oneness, there is no room for self- absorbed fearful feelings or thoughts of how is this affecting me? There is only love. In other words, empaths who are not focusing on how things are affecting themselves are able to be empathic to another person. Attachment is an intentional concept. If you view the world with detachment, not judgement, there will be no need to block or protect yourself from unwanted energies. LOVE and compassion is highly transmutative. Empath affirmation: I feel happiness when I am able to experience another’s feeling without becoming attached to it. In other words, karma is just cause and effect, not a curse, punishment or retribution. What you put out into the universe is what you get back. Thoughts, feelings and words become a vibration. If you think you’re cursed, then you act like you are, and life feels stressful. You look for clues that you are doomed to validate your fears and prove your theory. There is no personal responsibility either, it’s always the hex. But if you have a grateful heart and Empath affirmation: I feel happiness when I am able to experience another’s feeling without becoming attached to it. Personally, I feel deeply and I would not have it any other way. Suzy Cherub The Psychic Coach www.psychicsuzy.com Amie Vello Hi my name’s Amie! I have always had the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship, but started Blair Athol, SA Phone: +61 408 806 778 amievello3@optusnet.com.au www.jessieisanangel.com.au Fantastic as always - Very switched on - Very helpful information - Very honest - Amazing Made me cry - What a gift! - Everything that was said was spot on - Really touched my heart Big eye opener - Will definitely be coming back - Just what I needed - OMG! How amazing! Accuracy for Past, Present and Future 8 using it more acutely after my son passed. I have been a professional medium for eleven years. I read photos, jewellery, and do face-to-face, phone and email readings*. Connect with me on my website where you will find links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as client testimonials. I am in a wheelchair and working with spirit is so rewarding. I look forward to hearing from you. * Email and phone readings start at $90. 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