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PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 As empaths sense others’ feelings they have a unique ability to understand another’s perspective more deeply. If they sense a person in a shopping centre feeling sad, alone and intoxicated, they can simply observe and sense their vulnerability and even offer some assistance if it feels appropriate. within, even in a crowded space. And, with intention, you can also expand your empathic powers in the opposite way. Living in the sacred now, become the observer and notice everyone and everything around you without taking it all in. It’s Empaths develop strength, resilience and resourcefulness to manage their sensitive powers. As a practical, grounded empath, you do not need to be ‘switched on’ or open all the time With intention, you can withdraw your empathic energy, rein it in, and go easier than you may think, although it does take some practice. Most empaths who learn this practice live happy and fulfilling lives without the need to hide under a rock, hibernate or become a hermit. Some blame their mood swings, anti-social behaviour and paranoia on being an empath. This is a contradiction as empaths automatically feel the energetic impact imposed on others, so they are usually sensitive communicators, diplomatic and peacemakers. it all day until the situation becomes distorted. The workmate has let it go, so perhaps the empath should also. People can’t help how they feel or think at times, but often reflect on it afterwards and realise it is an overreaction. Blocking or protecting oneself implies that energy is bad or dark. Energy is not good or bad, it just is Others are mirrors of one soul. We are all one and separateness is an illusion. If a person or situation aggravates you in some way, hold the mirror up—their reflection is often your own insecurities. Feelings are complex; people feel happy, sad, mad or fearful at times. Empaths may take things personally as they know what people are feeling and sometimes what they are thinking about them. For example, if a work colleague becomes internally angry at another who is an empath for a few seconds and then lets the anger go, the empath may stew on When there is love in the heart, fear cannot exist Compassionate empaths can lead others to a peaceful way of resolving conflict. Empaths are often alchemists; they have the ability to transform things. Empathic power transmutes fear into love. If the world was full of empathic Based in Canberra, of Scottish heritage, Alex is a renowned International Clairvoyant with an world wide client base. She is a Tarot Reader, Spiritual Healer and Medium. Services Available: • Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner • Tarot Readings • Spiritual Readings Readings available in person, • Energy Clearing by phone or Skype. • Portal Closures • Photo Readings Radio show host and writer. • Animal Intuitive • Remote Viewing Born a clairempath (directly experiences what others are feeling) and clairtangent (psychometry and scrying), Alex was awarded the 2013 Psychic of the Year (ACT) and is a member of the International Psychics Association. Alex Fulford Clairvoyant Medium 2013 PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (ACT) Canberra ACT Phone +61 474 286 636 alexfulford63@gmail.com Follow Alex at: http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com.au/ 7