2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 47

BO N US PAGES - DIGITAL EDITION - PSYCHICS DIRECTOR Y 2017 Ego is not a dirty word, or is it? by Suzanne Newnham T he theatre is set, lights in the auditorium dim. A grand entrance is made. The charismatic, out-going personality, advantageous for the stage, embraces the applause with a huge smile. The flamboyance settles as the medium prepares to channel spirit. As they become the conduit for information and energies, their ego disappears. Likewise, a psychic in a market place or a private reading space becomes a messenger devoid of self. Once a reading starts, all ego and personal investment into that session is put on hold. It is the message not the messenger that is important. To borrow the title of a classic Australian song of the 1970s, Ego is not a dirty word. But things can get muddy if the influence of one’s ego is detrimental to someone else. From an intuitive friend to a professional reader, it’s the message that is important. Ego plays no part in a reading. There are many branches of psychic and spiritual communication, as well as types of ability, training and various levels of connection. In this article, I use ‘psychic’ when referring to a person with an ability to connect and communicate beyond the earthly realm with or without the aid of divinatory tools. Ego and Confidence Ego means ‘I’ in Latin. It is basically about self. Ego motivates. It pushes and focuses. It is a great attribute, unless it operates as self- interest to the exclusion of another’s wellbeing. Confidence is having faith in your ability. A psychic needs confidence to be able to delve into the unknown and convey information that might have a far-reaching impact to the recipient. Everyday insecurities might influence a psychic in their mundane life. But, in a reading, their trust in spirit goes beyond those insecurities. Many psychics report feeling an inner strength during readings. Life outside that session is of no consequence. Ideally, it is all about the message. Self-confidence is enlightening and uplifting for self. It is also a beacon of light and strength that helps motivate and support others. Confidence is not about being out-going. People can be quietly confident. An introspective personality may prefer to connect to people through a small, private practice. A psychic who is more outgoing might choose to give large public demonstrations. There are psychics on television, in magazines and on billboards. Others opt for low- key exposure. This has more to do with lifestyle balance and goals rather than confidence. In either setting, ego can be a factor. Happiness and Satisfaction There is a difference between being satisfied and being happy with a reading. It is not always possible to be happy because of the nature of the information. When a psychic provides enough specific detail in a reading you can be satisfied it is not a generic bundle of words. A reading might shine a light on your possible future or give hope, clarity, or useful guidance. There are many ways a reading can be beneficial. There is no guarantee of being happy with the information that comes through. If the contents of a reading fall short of your desires or if a timeframe given is too long or too short, then you may be unhappy with the information, but that does not mean you are unhappy with the messenger. “It is the message not the messenger that is important.” If another psychic gives a similar message, then that is the energy surrounding you. It can be confronting. You might dismiss the reading. Whether you take on the message is up to you. It is absolutely your choice. If a psychic is upset, disappointed or feels personally rejected because you don’t accept their guidance categorically, perhaps they need to look at why they are doing this type of work. A reading is not about unduly influencing someone or stra