2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 46

BO N US P A G E S - DIGIT AL EDIT IO N - PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 Robin Stein Recipient of The Hall of Fame Award 2012 Psychic Healer & Intuitive Homeopath Animal Whisperer & Healer Psychic Medium, Tarot Readings, Numerologist Writer, Teacher, Speaker Lectures & Demonstrations. Specialising in assisting infertile women to conceive naturally with a 95% success rate. Phone Robin on 0411 28 88 09. New website & Online shop: www.robinstein.com.au We are The Lighthouse. We shine light across the sea and can see far across the sea of time. Our clients are like ships journeying on the sea of life. It is sometimes stormy and they cannot see through the fog. I guide my clients when they get confused and are not sure of which way to go. We shine the light of knowledge so they can steer away from the storms to calmer waters. I hold the light high so others can see through the mists and navigate into the future. I cannot steer their ship for them, but I can light their way. – Joy Atkinson 2016 Psychic Hall of Fame Recipient The Lighthouse Spiritual Centre, Sydney www.ghostlovers.com.au SUZY CHERUB PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR AUSTRALIA 2014 Psychic Medium Healer Visionary Following serious illness and near death experiences, Suzy Cherub realised her life mission is to guide and heal others. Suzy has developed her natural mediumship over a lifetime and runs a professional full-time psychic healing practice in Canberra ACT. Most of her clients are repeat and referral. Suzy utilises psychic tools but does not rely on these, as her ability is powerful enough on its own. Angelic Reiki Master Teacher • NLP Practitioner Advanced Theta Healer • Certified Angel Intuitive Classes & Workshops • Live Shows • Spirit Coaching Private psychic consultations from Suzy’s home studio in Canberra, ACT. Phone and Skype readings available by appointment. Connect with Suzy on Facebook. Book online at www.psychicsuzy.com 46