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BO N US PAGES - DIGITAL EDITION - PSYCHICS DIRECTOR Y 2017 Design by Intent By Bryan Johnston T o bring my vision of an integrated health centre into reality I designed every aspect with intention. I chose the colours, the layout and the fish tank in the waiting room of Health168 to increase chi and attract positive change and good fortune to us and our clients. When it came to deciding on a name, I applied the same principles. Dit Ta medicine, my healing technique, has Chinese Buddhist lineage. In Chinese culture, the number 168 is auspicious and celestial in nature. It is the number that brings luck, happiness, wealth and good health. The number 1 refers to the beginning. In feng shui, it typically represents the start of something good. The number 6 is considered heaven’s number and is therefore one of the luckiest, helping to vanish obstacles in life and smooth the path to good chi. When good chi (life force or energy) flows through the body it attracts good living. The number 8 belongs to the earth element and gives the other numbers stability and foundation. So, the name Health168 means ‘a healthy start of something good, blessed with good chi to attract a lucky and prosperous future of auspicious health and wealth’. And, that is the energy with which everything we put our name to is imbued. Visit Bryan at Health168, 294 Montague Road, in Brisbane’s West End, or online at www. injurytherapy.me. Praying for Change By Linet Amalie M y type of prayer could be totally different to yours depending on the context and how you were taught to pray. Many don’t realise there is more than one way to pray, and some others cannot separate prayer from religion. However, having positive intentions for someone and asking for or sending them healing or blessings is a type of prayer. Giving heartfelt thanks for what you have received is another. Prayer is linked to love and the desire for something better, something more or something blessed. A prayer for someone else is an earnest connection between you and another, and it is the connection that is important. Regardless of religion or faith, sending love or well wishes to someone is a powerful prayer that comes from within your soul. Have you seen water crystals changing shape when positive thoughts are directed to them? Our bodies are largely made up of fluid, so it is logical that directing love to others has the capacity to create a positive transformation—and even a subtle change can trigger greater things. Visit Linet Amalie at www. thehealingcentre.com.au Overall, by human nature, we care for our fellow beings. This is evident by days of prayer planned to help others. It doesn’t matter what religion or faith you belong to. If you can send out positive thoughts, feelings and healing to others, you have the power to change another being’s life at a subconscious level. 45