2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 43

BO N US PAGES - DIGITAL EDITION - PSYCHICS DIRECTOR Y 2017 Palmistry: Loops By Kalyi Amoto L ike fingerprints, loops are skin ridges and never change their patterns throughout our lives. Loop of Rajah (A) This loop lies between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers. It is supposed to bring power and status. People with this loop are quite often good-looking, successful and arrogant. It is said to mean royal blood or descent from a leader. Mercury fingers, but instead of lying vertically it lies on an angle. It used to be called the Loop of Vanity, but now modern palmists have renamed it the Loop of Style. People with this loop have a good eye for design, colour and form. A sense of aesthetics is very important to them; they need to decorate their living space in their own style and it would distress them to live in unpleasant- looking surroundings. They will often dress in an original way, not following fashion. Quite often, people with this loop take a great deal of care over their personal appearance, which might be why it was called the Loop of Vanity by older palmistry schools. Loop of Memory (E) This loop is found near the end of the Head Line. People who have this loop are said to possess a good memory. They have the ability to keep in contact with people from their past to help them in business and on a social level. Loop of Imagination (F) The Loop of Imagination comes off the percussion edge of the hand into the Mount of Luna. Subjects with this loop are said to have imagination and intuition that seems to be used more purposefully if it’s closer to the Mount of Mars (i.e. closer to the little finger rather than the wrist). A whorl on this mount indicates strong psychic gifts. Loops in the area of Luna also indicate a love of nature and outdoor pursuits. Loop of Hard Work/Serious Intent (B) This loop is found between the Saturn and Apollo fingers. It indicates a person who takes things seriously, makes an effort to read, learn and understand, and is a hard worker. Loop of Humour (D) Situated between the Apollo and Mercury fingers, this loop shows a person has a sense of humour and can see the funny side of life. They often have a love of words, writing and communicating. If the centre of the loop forms a whorl, it may mean talent for foreign languages. Loop of Style (C) This loop is also found between the Apollo and Kalyi Amoto is a palmist who combines channellings from spirit guides, past-life information, mediumship and Lenormand Oracle cards in her readings. She teaches palmistry and psychic development courses through her School of Psychic and Spiritual Knowledge. For more information visit www. psychicspiritualschool.com 43