2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 42

P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 2017: As the Wheel Turns By Doreen Van Boxtel | Image by Aaron Pocock that a major cycle has been completed and that we are now ready to begin a new one. The waiting is over. It is time to start something new or improve what you have. Start that new business you have been thinking about, or add something new to improve your current business. New job opportunities are likely if you are unemployed or just fed up with your current job. An addition of a new baby or a new pet to your family will be possible. It is also the year to extend your existing house or move to a bigger one if you need to. T he year 2017 will bring movement and change—a turn for the better of the wheel of fortune. Anything can happen, so just try and go with the flow. Keep optimistic and have faith that everything will work out positively. Life is constantly moving and changing. We all have good times and challenging times; it is part of growing spiritually. If we had everything we wanted in life, what would we learn? NOTHING. 42 Last year forced us to sit back and reflect upon our lives: How did we get to this point? Where are we going? This isn’t a bad thing really. Some people just never take the time to stop and take stock and work out what they really want from life. The Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, expansion and good fortune. Jupiter also rules Sagittarius, which brings in the influence of travel and higher learning. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and this indicates a time to get moving. More energy and enthusiasm is required if you want 2017 to be a positive year. The Wheel of Fortune is often seen as a karmic card—what goes around comes around. So, keep a positive attitude and do the right thing by other people. What you do is your karma, and how others react is their karma. In numerology, 2017 adds to a number 10, indicating New study and training courses can help you expand your skills and expertise. It will also be a great time for travel. Finances will increase, possibly with a pay rise, a lottery win, financial rewards in business or perhaps an inheritance. A busy year is ahead. Get ready for a new chapter in your life and most of all, have fun. Doreen Van Boxtel is a psychic and master teacher of Reiki, Seichim and Chios who has been passionate about tarot and numerology for over twenty-five years. Visit her online at www. sunzmoonz.com for more information.