2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 41

PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 much emotion this year, my friends, and open to all the positive details that will teach us really well over the next twelve months. A global year affects everyone of us, so a warning comes with our Number One year. Anybody who fails to take the best interests and feelings of others into consideration will create bigger problems for themselves. Ego and arrogance have no place this year, and those who try to ‘push’ the envelope will find all the negatives coming back to confront them. We are being forced to live together happily, no matter how different we are, so why don’t we try to make the most of it so we can learn and flourish together? Walking a straight line this year and opening our hearts to assist others will create success in our own undertakings. I hope you have a fabulous year. Robin Stein is author of Your Child’s Numerology, The Numbers of Love and The Complete Numerology of Love. Tomorrow’s News Today Top Predictions for 2017 A new conflict arises in the Mediterranean and the Middle East which triggers a new refugee crisis. Iran and Turkey comes to me. Immigration becomes a major challenge with thousands of refugees escaping chemical warfare, destruction and poverty. Chemical and biological attacks start to happen around the world. This prompts world leaders to try and disempower chemical warfare with some success. – Suzy Cherub We will be largely free from Isis by June 4. Australia is very safe from any problem from Isis. – Wagih Samweil A plane will go missing in bad weather in South America and be found over mountains. – Linet Amalie A major shakeup ahead for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will see us heading to an early election. – Francis Bevan There will be several last-minute attempts to stop Donald Trump becoming President of the USA. If he successfully overcomes these he will not last in the role for more than a few months. – Elisabeth Jensen Financial crisis and recession in USA will prompt a shift of power. – Suzy Cherub Wikileaks will continue to stir up trouble for English politicians. An unlikely 'innocent' target will quietly leave political life. – Linet Amalie There will be a changing of the guard in many European countries including Germany and Italy. – Suzy Cherub Bob Hawke will be in the news in May. – Leela Williams Australia will slide into a recession in 2017 owing to global financial upheaval in February 2017. – Francis Bevan A large earthquake in June affects Tokyo but will not cause a lot of damage there. Large quakes affect Indonesia and central China in the middle of 2017 with the most major damage being in China. There will be small quakes with minimum damage in Central Australia and New Zealand. – Elisabeth Jensen There will be some kind of breakthrough to do with Tasmanian tigers. – Leela Williams Coffee crops destroyed and a rise in coffee prices. – Suzy Cherub A major bank will experience a severe cyber hacking situation that will dramatically impact on many of their customers. – Suzy Cherub A scientific breakthrough will result in a new solar energy system that will be cost effective and efficient.  This discovery will also cross over into the medical industry as ‘solar medicine.’ – Suzy Cherub The Australian dollar will go down and pick up again in September 2017. – Wagih Samweil Prince Harry will marry amid the disapproval of the British Royal family. – Francis Bevan There will be a tsunami warning for the East Coast of Australia following a large earthquake. – Linet Amalie Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will become pregnant and give birth early in 2018. – Linet Amalie Australia’s Largest Tarot and Oracle Online Store Q www.tarotopia.com.au Fast Delivery. Personal Service. Browse and order online or call 0408 731 323 for phone orders and enquiries. Tracey Nichols Angel Readings (with or without cards or Tarot) , Angelic Life Coaching, Reiki, A Place Where Spirit Comes to Guide & Heal Dream Therapy, Feng Shui Advice, Space Clearings, Weekly Meditation, Monthly Groups, Workshops and Products Healing LIFE, BODY AND SOUL In-person or remote/distant (phone or email) Spirit Wisdom East Maitland, NSW Mobile: 0405 559 561 spiritwisdom23@hotmail.com www.spiritwisdom.com.au Spirit Guide Introductions & Messages, Chakra & Energy Corrections & Rebalancing, Member of: Australian Reiki Connection, International Psychics Association, Association of Australian Reiki Professionals & International Institute for Complementary Therapies. Published Author of Books, Meditation CD’s & Wisdom Card Deck 41