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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 Editor’s Welcome P eople are often afraid to talk about esoteric feelings, visions or even strange dreams in case they are judged to be off with the fairies. While Jung psychologised mystical experiences, he also championed the benefits of exploring them and bringing them into consciousness. To him, denying or repressing spiritual feelings could lead to complexes or neurosis. Talking about your experiences is the first step to understanding what is happening, and you will find most psychics are more than happy to listen and reassure you of your sanity. They might be able to interpret your experience, recommend a book or suggest you attend a meditation or development group. Psychics are more than just fortune tellers, they can be spiritual advisors, healers and a friendly ear as well. Some psychics, like mediums, don’t tell fortunes at all! There are many reasons to consult a psychic and you don’t even need to be a believer to benefit. It can be valuable to talk something over with someone who isn’t too close to your situation and interesting just to get an outsider’s opinion or perspective. The best reading I ever had didn’t come true at all. Because I didn’t let it! Having that possibility laid on in front of me made me realise I couldn’t sit back and wait for the unsatisfactory vision to unfold, I had to get in and influence my future with focus and effort. Even though that 2017 International Psychics Directory Proudly Published by Metier Media Pty Ltd PO BOX 6019 Mitchelton QL D 4053 P: 61 (7) 3351 5566 www.spiritguide.com.au ACN 102878900 Suzy Cherub and Leela Williams during our cover shoot with Suzi Karim at the Old Museum Building in Brisbane. In association with InfoConnect Pty Ltd (ACN: 114 245 242) as Trustee for The Turnbull Family Trust (ABN: 13 573 471 875) and International Psychics A