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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 Intuitive Impressions and Techniques for 2017 by Julie Jara T his year is going to be interesting, both on the outer and, more importantly, on the inner, with large changes inevitable. While world events are playing out on the stage of illusion, take time for yourself each day for meditation and contemplation. A keyword and practical technique for each month will give you a pivot point to help unfold your psychic sensitivity. If you practise these techniques every day you will notice positive change in your life. Start a diary and take notes each morning and regroup around your experiences in the evenings. feels. If something does not feel good, ask for insights on how you can change it. Your true feelings will always be the guide for what is right for you and will lead you to having deeper peace within. February Connection This month, develop a deeper connection with your sensitivity. In your daily practice, sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine being fully connected deep into the earth. Notice how it feels. Imagine and notice the connection from the top of your head (or crown chakra) out to the universe. See yourself as being fully connected to everyone else Sharon Lymer in this field and having the First Book “Whispers Ahead of time”true stories Let’s start by tuning in to help and support of spirit in your true feelings. Each everything you do. Regroup day, meditate on the events each evening and consider coming up and using your how you felt throughout the gift of clairsentience (or day. clear feeling) notice how it January Inner Peace Sharon Lymer Dreamtime Beauty Sunshine Coast, QLD Mobile: 0412 207 074 sbeautyworks@gmail.com March Discernment Tune in to your sensitivity using your gift of clairaudience (or clear hearing) and ask for a keyword to help discern situations you encounter. Take a deep breath, mentally ask for a keyword, then breathe out. The first word that pops into your thoughts is your keyword for that day. Then in the evening, reflect upon what this word means to you. April Ambition What areas in your life would you like to change? Relationships? Career? Health? Spiritual connection? Using your gift of clairvoyance (or vision), meditate on the areas important to you right now. Focus on how you can improve and what gifts you have to offer. Ask for a picture, symbol or impression and draw it. May Priority Are you always busy with too much to do? Write down a list of everything you have to do and make a priority order by marking each A, B, C or D. A is ‘imperative to get done’, B is ‘very important’, C is ‘kind of important’ and D ‘does not matter’. Do the A tasks first followed by the other things to be more relaxed in your day and leaving you with plenty of time to focus on what’s really important—your spiritual growth. June Self-love This month it’s time to focus on the most important person in the world: you. Give yourself time to do things that nurture and feed your soul. Have a massage, take a bath with lovely oils, go for a walk in nature—anything that makes you feel good. Think of all the positive things about yourself and honour yourself for just  Spiritual Medium  Clairaudient  Clairvoyant  Psychic  Remote Viewer  Telepathic Communicator  Dreamtime Holographic Kinetic Healer  Medical Intuitive  Emotional and Physical Healer  Private Readings  Phone Readings  Sharon works with the past, present and future realms to provide very specific and highly accurate insights. Her success is based on a natural ability to develop long lasting relationships with her clients. The numerous testimonials from very happy and satisfied local and international clients supports the credibility of her work. Sharon is available for in person or telephone readings. Phone 0412 207 074 to make a booking. Sharon’s first book ‘Whispers Ahead of Time - a collection of true stories’ is now available. Simon Brown I am a retired military man. In over 20 years of service, I saw active duty in the Middle East, Peacekeeping in the Solomon Islands and spent the majority of my service conducting patrol boat operations around the world. Normalising Spiritualism I was born into a family where psychic matters were very well accepted and as such I feel that my one of my purposes in life is to normalise the spiritual world for others, to help demystify the psychic experience. I help grieving people find some solace and I provide a way forward for those looking for life’s answers. Rockingham Beach, WA Phone: 0412 522 378 E: flindersresort@gmail.com FB: Simon the Psychic Biker OZ 38 I conduct myself with the utmost professionalism aligning myself to the ethics as described in the IPA website. 2012 Psychic of the Year (WA)