2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 37

2017 Y E A RL Y HO R O SCOPES New insights, every day at www.TheAstrologer.com AQUARIUS Y our personal life will undergo empowering transformations this year. A Lunar Eclipse on 10 February causes an outmoded relationship to fall by the wayside, giving you greater freedom. On 7 August, another Lunar Eclipse could cause you to walk away from a lifestyle no longer working for you. The Solar Eclipse on 21 August may open the door to a new partnership. Joining forces with a warm, generous person will give you a new lease on life. You’ll be open to working as a duo, which is big news for a free spirit like you. It looks like you’ll be globe-trotting quite a bit due to adventurous Jupiter’s visit to your Travel Sector between 1 January and 9 October. Whether a business trip or an extended vacation around the world is PISCES immaterial. The important thing is that expanding your horizons will attract luck. After 10 October, Jupiter will move into your Career Sector, triggering a series of job opportunities. Becoming more discerning about the company you keep may be your greatest challenge because Saturn, the planet of restrictions, will be travelling through your Social Sector until 18 December. You’ve always had a dizzying array of friends. This year, you’ll become more interested in the quality rather than quantity of these relationships. By 19 December, when Saturn moves into your Solitude Sector, you’ll be ready to confront some demons. Identifying and eliminating self- sabotaging behaviours will become your primary goal as the year ends. Sandor Takacs Psychic Consultant 2014 Psychic Hall of Fame Award Phone: 02 42674042 Mobile: 0407 464165 Email: sandortakacs34@gmail.com Website: Shandorpsychicmedium.com.au 3rd Generation Medium T he year gets off to an exciting start thanks to an empowering Solar Eclipse on 26 February. Take this opportunity to move into a high-profile position or undergo a makeover. Changing your image will give you a new lease on life. It will be easier to find ways to express your creativity, fulfil your spiritual needs and strengthen your psychic abilities around this pivotal time. Additional income could come through your romantic or business partner between 1 January and 9 October when expansive Jupiter tours your Unearned Income Sector. Don’t be surprised when your love life becomes more intense and rewarding during this period. Close relationships of all kinds will be enriched. On 10 October, you’ll have a chance to travel far and wide when Jupiter moves into your Adventure Sector. If you’ve always wanted to go on a spiritual pilgrimage, plan one during the final three months of the year. Professional demands may be heavy for the greater part of the year due to ambitious Saturn’s trip through your Career Sector. Work involving education, travel or the law could be highly profitable. You could also profit from your considerable artistic talent. In addition, work with a spiritual component could raise your profile. If your heart is in your work and you’re highly diligent, you will rise to the top. On 19 December, Saturn will move into your Social Sector, prompting you to rub elbows with some prominent people. “I have had the gift of sight for as long as I remember. I have read for many years, using tarot cards, numerology and helping people from all walks of life.” – Sandor Takacs Psychic Tarot Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Medium. Professional Member International Psychics Association. International Spiritualist Federation. Parapsychological Association. MULTI AWARD WINNING CELEBRITY SPIRITUAL MEDIUM AUSTRALIA’S 2015 PSYCHIC HALL OF FAME } SA’S INAUGURAL 2004 PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR SHARNA D’FERN BSYA (par) } Direct Voice Spirit Channeller, a visual and auditory medium. Messages are delivered by channelling her Spirit Guides and your loved ones who have crossed over, withou t the use of any divination aids. Sharna receives information about your past, present and future, plus your health, relationships, finances, work and all with a high standard of quality and accuracy. Past lives often come through in a reading, particularly when a past life is affecting your present or will affect your future. Sharna has outstanding public recognition internationally and nationally, and is one of the busiest mediums in South Australia. www.facebook.com/sharna.dfern.54 } sharnasees@hotmail.com } ph 0409 093 019 37